Product and Packaging design

These days, when one of our shared similarities is dominated by suffering of information overdose, it’s not the offering in the supermarket shelves with the most information — the one with the least explanation may be the most attractive to stand out. Explanation admits failure.

However, it no longer suffices to rely on the modern wisdom of a Le Corbusier. By itself ‘less is more’ may no longer be more. Minimalism as a strategy to be responsive toward the twindling attention span has outdone itself. Something must give to close the connection between brand and being. It is said to be design that disolves into behavior.

What behavior would that be? Being old-school, I’d say that of your arm reaching for the product and tossing it into the shopping cart.

Here it seems to be a play on infantility. The desire to find the joy the toddler finds in moving and colorful things.

The bright colors in combination to a sounding name every American will love and feel inwardly familiar with. This should work far better than insisting on making your unknown proper name known.

USA flavors
USA brand marks

Design dissolving in behavior. The variety of colors of the flavor of the soda product is intended to cause the incentive to buy more more so than the popularity of the brand name.

To make this more tangible here’s an example of a mighty fine courageous start-up from Hamburg, Germany with nothing wrong to it.


The design won’t dissolve in behavior as easily. Why so? Learning the brand name gets in the way of the subconscious mind. The difference between unconscious experience and imposed learning. The difference between learning and teaching that is.

United Sodas of America The visit is well worth it for you website designers and marketers.

Beautifully integrated communications

United Sodas of America discipline of integration won’t stop at packaging, product design or elsewhere. Just have a look at their newsletter. Stunning.