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A postcard from Paris

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Readymades.nyc broshure

Pocket size brochure including one Duchamp object per page, a synopsis of what we want the press to tell, ending in brief product documentary.

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Readymade.nyc t-shirt

Incentive T for invitees to take home




Here’s a wrap-up of what happend thus far in my long distance relationship with a rather promising New York City start-up:
Lifetime friend Bob Crozier asked me to come up with a logo.
Bob GLaubit asked me to help with the user interface for their first product, an app for the app store. So I did here and here.

The later in regards of communicating the app’s ease of use across diverse media. Readymades 4 user modes should help achieve that and be of good use for the initial pocket size brochure after telling a great story of relevance mainly by way of Marcel Duchamp’s objects.

As for Bob Crozier’s wish for a logo – rather than offering alternative cuts for their logo, I decided to confront both men with a logotype, of less likeliness to be getting in the way further down the road.

Three month into the process, after a couple phone calls, no responses to pressing questions – aside from Bob Crozier’s much welcome, adored and honored congratulations – and a pressing deadline breathing up my neck, I proposed a rough outline for their launch campaign on a local budget with ridiculously little expenditure on behalf of third parties, followed by an invoice to compensate for my designs and consultation.
Rest assured New York, I want to be a sucker at this.


There is no solution because there is no problem

Marcel Duchamp


Granted, it’s a hefty DIY effort loaded onto the NYC team’s shoulders requiring the pressure to come from inside and a steep and gratifying learning curve worth your time – once four factors have come to play out:


  • Bob Crozier succeeds in pitching 50 to 200 selected clients in person.
  • Launch party to be remembered by New York’s art society resulting in press write ups.
  • A dedicated spokes person for social media and daily maintenance of readymade.nyc.
  • Elegant + efficient design to be at the core of the business and that we are in the business of design.