John Locke. Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

John Locke. Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Christine Emba, reviews author Patrick Deneen’s book, “Why Liberalism Failed”. A Notre Dame professor. The answer to her question is left to the reader. But you get a good grasp on the reasons for a possible failure of liberalism.

As you might have worked out, Deneen thinks this much-lauded model has proved itself a disaster — “not because it fell short,” in his assessment, “but because it was true to itself.”

On the right end of the ideological spectrum, Deneen notes, classical liberalism celebrated the free market, which facilitated the radical expansion of choice.

On the left, liberalism celebrated the civil right to personal choice and self-definition, along with the state that secured this right by enforcing the law. But both approaches basically converge into the same thing: a headlong and depersonalized pursuit of individual freedom and security that demands no concern for the wants and needs of others, or for society as a whole.

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