Bring back Dov!

Protest signs created by Dov Charney’s supporters at a rally at American Apparel Headquarters.

American Apparel



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”Since relocating American Apparel to Los Angeles in the late 1990’s from South Carolina I was bucking conventional wisdom by trying to preserve American manufacturing jobs and keep apparel manufacturing in the United States. Even though everyone else was moving jobs offshore, I was able to build and grow a profitable apparel business by manufacturing domestically. At every step along the way people challenged me and said I was crazy for trying. American Apparel was one of the only companies that shattered the sweatshop paradigm by paying fair wages, and did so at scale. By the time American Apparel went public in 2007, it was running the largest operating apparel manufacturing plant in the United States.“





American Apparel brought us the drama of clashing conventional classic corporate identity design with controversial, adventurous authenticity in its ads. Thereby introducing DIY employee created content. Ready or not: Truth well told.