David Beckham Logo

Subtraction is often more effective than additions.



At age 84 legendary ad man George Lois Is still at It



George Lois the American icon in graphic design has clear words in the face of political correctness.

I have a fitting logo to show off in midst of bad logo redesign. That of David Beckham.

Those of you who hate it, can refer to it, by picking up a running joke by Peteski: “Someone please shoot me”.

For those of you who love it, it may be shared as best practice. You don’t have to guess what it stands for. It says David Beckham in capital letters. The cut out of what you may associate with a Lois Logossoccer-goal-hole, makes it more memorable.

Every so often it is more effective to subtract than to add layers. Added layers rarely are of relevance but common practice of many insecure brands. Some brands keep adding. A practice more often than not to the effect of subtracting rather than adding value.Read in full by Florian Bachleda