The Web offers plenty of space for spreading content and product features

Why then would the German design nation’s ad world trade mags favour crowding content into limited space?

disease by

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pedantic Interaktives

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WuV Übersicht der wichtigsten Trends



Design diseases spread virally and are surprisingly sticky

For both samples found on the cluttered websites of the leading German advertisisng trade mags Horizont and WuV, it would be easier on both, designer and reader to place the content side by side. It’s less time consuming for the designer to achieve and provides a more pleasant reading experience for the reader.

Saving expenses by crowding more into limited space as it would with print?

But no, the publisher has increased expenses with web design and coding requiring more time.

I am not interested in the motivation for crowding stuff into small rectangles, I am interested in simpler more efficient user experience.