Munich Pub Rumpler

Hacks from the back of my head after a lovely evening with a Munich band contemplating a fresh start as best agers at a wonderful place called Rumpler.

Once you got these in your head and a good percentage executed, you may be amazed that following through on a smaller percentage will suffice.

  1. Google and secure your domain (URI) for your projected band name.
    • Also check for your domain’s (band name’s) scalability across all social media your intend to use.
    • #Hashtag and profile page on Twitter, Facebook homepage, Instagram profile and so forth.
  2. Know your category
    • Concentration on dominating a niche where fewer people congregate is better than failing to obtain world dominance.
    • Better be a big fish in a small pond than a small fisch in a big pond.[1. McCANN’s category of one principle]
  3. Know your name
    • The band’s conviction plays a greater part in the audience’s enthusiasm and they will adore you for being responsive. Your performance lives or dies with your conviction.
    • Fans don’t buy your records, they buy the conviction (Lifestyle) that’s behind it.
  4. Tell your own story and write it down.
    • Your story is not so much your story as it is something your audience aspires.
    • Reduce your story from filling four pages to two, then one. Until you get down to finally fill half a page or less (from synapsis down to your claim).
    • Pay attention to keywords.
    • Let the reader have a story, she is proud to pass on as its discoverer.
  5. Get your immediate environment involved and slowly but steadily expand on it.
    • Continuity is key in showing respect to your audience.
    • Exercise your program with your private circle of friends with emphasis on what you have determined to be your hit song. With a small circle of friends you can play it more than once and get honest feedback. The LP is the result of having achieved to expand your audience of loyalists, which might take months or even years to establish.
    • Invite influencer, PR contacts and important organizers and club owners and have a small PR package and give away ready for them.
    • Get their feed-back and write it down. Eventually document the feed-back on your band blog. This way you reach a larger audience and no one gets left behind.
  6. Get to know your audience and build your own.
    • What works with a small surrounding may work with a larger audience.
    • Little gifts keep friendship warm (band merchandise, keep the audience busy with (balls to play with… Video interviews with fans during breaks…).
    • A structured performance plan strengthens bonding and demonstrates continuity during performances.
    • Be and stay in touch with your audience by way of your newsletter.
  7. Make best use of your own resources and invent a payment model.
    • Each group has a classroom clown, but all band members should be working social media and establish their personal brand (be it for more egotistic reasons).
    • Musicians are by defautl artist. One is good at photography, the other at writing and perhaps one is there who can code. Make good use of your own resources to strengthen your domain authority.).
    • There is an app for everything but there is also social media with a focus on your most pressing needs.