Websites are becoming more static than print. Automobile brands however want to come across as dynamic, and mobility is no longer an option in the consumers life, it’s a minimum requirement.


How has your agency been preparing you for your online activities in the new world?


How do they expect to bring dynamism back to the digital experience?


How sociable is your site? How is the online experience integrated with social media?
Today people want to swipe their way though an auto configurator

With the event of the tablet PC, people will increasingly expect to swipe their way through your website’s car configurator


Has your agency built an app for the iPhone first and then brought the user experience back to your website?

iPhone apps


Has your shopping, buying, owning cycle been updated to play along with mobile demands?


Has your agency built an app for the iPad or Android device first and was the user experience then brought back to your website?

18 Mio tablet pc’s were sold last year, Maynard UM from Swiss Bank UBS, expect sales to be 60 Mio this year and 90 Mio next year

Watch a demonstration of a well done iPad app discovered by John Pavlus here.

Adjust configuration options to perfectly match gesture capabilities

Do you still allow your agency to impress you with 90’s flash applications or does your online experience rely on 21 century HTML5 exclusively?


In other words, does your website at all run smoothly on an Apple iPad? Have you tried it on your own?