This pencil is made for paper.

This pencil is made for paper.



wallnut carpenter pencil

Walnut pencil



53 is an outstanding software company lead by CEO Georg Petschnigg with offices in Seattle, Oregon and New York, New York.

53 is developing a creativity eco-system for the increasingly mobile world without loosing sight on details. An idea that does by which the consumer or user is helped with strengthening reach, exposure and efficiency in an environment dominated by mobility, accessibility, speed and participation.

Mit Paper and Pencil the cartoon artist brings his ideas to paper = iPad from within any conceivable situation or location and share her work instantaneously. Every handle along the way has been made intuitive and within reach of a fingertip.

For an exhibition she can have Book, another product by 53 in collaboration with Moleskine publish a pocket size catalog or have her ideas consolidated for any conceivable event in printed matter.

Paper Stacks is a Tumblr theme from 53 designed with help from Alldayeveryday. (See demo).

53’s product documentary for Pencil = stylo is best practice in parallax scrolling, a highly reccomendet lecture for any user experience designer:


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