Miley Cyrus, etwas hüpft in Deiner Bluse.
Miley Cyrus, something’s jumping in your shirt
A suggestion of the kind of artist Miley Cyrus could be.
“Bland production and weak songwriting hamstring the personalized nature of Younger Now, making it merely a suggestion of the kind of artist Miley Cyrus could be.”
Claire Lobenfeld

Girls who thank Miley, as she displays such joy in her even boorish sexuality may interfere with Pitchfork’s review of her latest album, but won’t let it affect them. According to  Claire Lobenfeld the album may not be win win, but it’s sure is a bon bon. Malibu was the most refreshing summer song of the season and with today’s Sunday song, you may very well enjoy the electric guitar ring like church bells in a distance along with the accentuated clear and always wellsounding melodious voice.