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Klar, sauber, übersichtlich

Clean classic with a structure accepting a global standard.



Structure, white space, conventional typography, restraint, a hamburger menu, all accepting an intl. web standard, make for inviting responsiveness toward the visitor

Bavarian TV has long caught up with a much earned reputation the British Broadcasting so deserves. In Germany, TV is the transformer, the web sucks. With a site was launched, one need not be ashamed of. Shame on you though, for the colon in the URL.



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Missing embed from official media websites

Missing embed from official media websitesn



Vorbildliche Einbindungsmöglcihekit bei TED

best practice sharing functionality by TED offers an elegant user experience it is not yet efficient with

The most infantile longing for sharing is being ignored by all official German media websites. The glue the web owes its success to —that which keeps huge crowds stick together, is being ignored.



The promise is proximity1
The motivation is sharing
The gain is acknowledgment



Websites of the German media all have in common, that the visitor can’t share its content such as videos, infographics. Thus the inherent sharing and communication abilities are disabled, much to their own disadvantage. Word of mouth is defunct.




I can’t embed the intended video “On a search for a warm sound” by Sol Gabetta. So here is our guest: Sol Gabetta, Cellist | Talking Germany, from another source.





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  1. Professur Dr. Peter Kruse