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Armatix lock element

iP1 pistol

iP1 pistol

iP1 pistol

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Quicklock revolver

Quick lock drop barrel weapon

Quicklock drop barrel weapon



An innovation from Munich, can turn Armatix’ small business into a monopolist in the US.

It is said that mechanical innovation in revolvers, handguns and rifles has been all but exhausted, and this has been the case for decades now. Any progress will and can only be electronic in nature. In this regard, Armatix is at the pinnacle of a development that will revolutionize how people use guns.

A law that injects technology into the gun debate has lain dormant for more than 10 years. Now it may be about to wake up.

In 2002, New Jersey passed a law saying that once technology is available to prevent a gun from being used by an unauthorized person, only that type of handgun may be sold in the state.

Now, a German company, Armatix GmbH, is close to putting the first such “personalized” handgun on U.S. shelves. The model, called the iP1 Pistol, can be set up to fire only when its owner is wearing a special watch that communicates with the gun.

As it were with the extensive involvement for all possible use case scenarios for new acquisitions of the iP1 pistol alongside those for usage of Quicklock for weapons already in use – updating the product documetation is in line.

Vision and use ideas, which began with Simon Voss and are now being marketed by Ernst Mauch, the company’s president and his US arm Belinda Padilla.

A website from the 90s can’t be of much support for a business idea for the 21. Century, which time has come.

The iP1 Pistol will cost $1,399 and the watch an additional $399, Armatix said. That is a significant premium over a Glock or Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. handgun, which costs in the range of $400 to $500.

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