For EMEA the year 2011 will demonstrate more clearly, if we as global communication industry have arrived -and for the better- if we have accepted the winds of change breathing up our neck.


  1. Big business

    is coming the way of digital practitioners & their agencies as more businesses understand it to be vital to replace their static websites for a website that is dynamic and sociable. Technological advances allow for the assumption that 2011 is a great year to begin with the global updating of corporate websites on a first come first serve basis, by which early adapters will likely profit from a sales advantage

    1. expected completion of HTML5 specifactions by W3 consortium,
    2. needed preparations for semantic web, and
    3. the neccessary optimization in terms of mobile computing

  3. Design will become big enough to affect real change.

    Advertising is spam and marketing represents the contrary of what people wish for: intangibles, theories and powerpoint presentations. So yes, Edward your third wish will come true. Design provides a passage to integrated communications. And integrated communciation helps people with their businesses. And what helps people, helps business¹.


  5. Immediacy

    remains critical criteria when designing experiences

¹Leo Burnett