Trust is the new black


With it’s internal consumer trends report, Ford Motor Company goes beyond borders of making cars into being an enabler in mobility opportunities (Connely)

A must see for anyone in automotive marketing.


Trust is the new black

If trust were bottled as wine, the vintages of recent years would be bitter—and scarce. The global financial crisis. Scandals in business, politics and religion. Environmental disasters, widening economic disparities and unrest. The social contract as we know it has been broken; mistrust of corporations, governments and media is rampant. Weary of misinformation, people are reappraising their relationships with companies and brands, making integrity a new form of competitive advantage.

In a marketing sense, trust seems very basic and not very innovative. But the fundamentals of a customer’s experience—across product performance, innovation, customer service and perceived quality—all ladder up to trust. More important than ever to building brand equity and differentiation, trust has become a precious commodity, and its limited supply in the marketplace has stimulated consumer demand.


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