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“America.” Your Sunday song.

Sufjan Stevens ~ America

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Fourth Of July (Encore)

Sufjan Stevens ~ “Fourth Of July”

The Day the White Working Class Turned Republican

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The nation, we keep hearing on television and in social media blather, is politically divided as never before. Nonsense. The ostensibly united states have been disunited many, many times, and “The Hardhat Riot,” by David Paul Kuhn, vividly evokes an especially ugly moment half a century ago, when the misbegotten Vietnam War and a malformed notion of patriotism combined volatilely. They produced a blue-collar rampage whose effects still ripple, not the least of them being Donald Trump’s improbable ascension to the presidency.

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In May 1970, four days after Kent State, construction workers chased students through downtown Manhattan, beating scores of protestors bloody. As hardhats clashed with hippies, it soon became clear that something larger was happening; Democrats were at war with themselves. In The Hardhat Riot, David Paul Kuhn tells the fateful story-how chaotic it was, when it began, when the white working class first turned against liberalism, when Richard Nixon seized the breach, and America was forever changed. It was unthinkable one generation before: FDR’s “forgotten man” siding with the party of Big Business and, ultimately, paving the way for presidencies from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump.

Outdoor seating in Manhattan last weekend. As Americans prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, officials are warning residents to stay home as new coronavirus infections hit record levels.

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