everything I wanted

Billie Eilish ~ everything i wanted (live from Mexico City)

Select encore for a live concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles

Billie Eilish – i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre, LA)

Look at us

Youth marketing

Billie Eilish for T-Online

T-Online takes on the understanding adult role (hardly unpleasant) in the new spot to win youth over. The brand won’t attempt learning to understand millennials, T-Online lets the pop phenomenon Billie Eilish handle the matter.

Have you noticed the haze?

Lane County Fire, OR

Officials asked residents to put out buckets and bowls of water for wildlife escaping the fire.

source: oregon.gov

Resident Doug

gardening in his Springfield backyard only what absolutely needs be done.

Oregon haze

has reached NYC and is expected to clear up by Friday. What’s with the Oregon drizzle, no help?

Sometimes the front lines are in your own backyard

Digital recruitment campaign

National Guard

Fires threaten homes. Floods overtake roadways. Snowstorms wipe out power. Hurricanes crush communities. Every year. But communities are not helpless—they have heroes. Guard Soldiers protect the weak, save lives and restore neighborhoods. And you can too. Become a Soldier in the Army National Guard who stands tall for your community. Be the first sight of hope to those in need. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2GhDsXO