Königliche Marke, die Windsors


Little book of 10 between the years

  1. Royal Branding: Prince William und Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Pippa Middleton’s derrière included.

  3. All eyes on Germany’s pirates party: Unparalleled prompt acceptance amongst Germans.

  5. Adored Peter Kruse: The land of poets and thinkers in one person.

  7. Hugh MacLeod: Facebook aversion in plain words (see screenshots below)

  9. Home: sharing some with daring daughter, Dido Victoria.

  11. CoDesign: Best Blog Design of the year.

  13. Like This, Follow That: It’s the 10 Best Social-Media Campaigns of the Year

  15. Ana Andjelic’s consolidation at year’s end: This years 100 best blog entries.

  17. Christopher Bailey and Burberry: Celebrating 10 Million Burberry Facebook Fans.

  19. Brigitte Food Blog Award: Courage of others leads with 6% on yesterdays closing date. Alas, the team of German woman magazine Brigitte have missed out on their own deadline or forgotten they had initiated an award. Nice demonstration of disrespect toward their readers.


    The less one has to lose in an established systen, the easier it is to appreciate the value of anything new



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