Blueprint of former magistrates court turned home

Blueprint of former magistrates court turned home in Knightsbridge, London.


Luxus saniertes ehemaliges Amtsgericht in Knightsbridge, London.

View of former magistrates court turned home in Knightsbridge, London.



It is regarded as unfitting in many neighborhoods to built high into the air. Hence wealthy Londoners extended their available space by digging into the ground and called the real estate trend “iceberg homes”, since none of the often massive expansion was noticeable above ground.

Iceberg homes became a phenomenon in the first place because, by some people’s standards, London’s luxury real estate isn’t really that luxurious at all. Prime neighborhoods such as Belgravia and Knightsbridge are filled mainly with Victorian buildings, built in an era when extravagance meant little more than carpets, hot water upstairs and enough room to separate the maids from the horses at night.

The Trend is now grinding to a halt due to a vow by Westminster Council governing Western London’s priciest districts for which I wouldn’t know the reason to pass on to you.

It’s not fracking, or is it?

The most beautiful neighbourhood, I have witnessed except for my own, is the suburb of Graeme in Edinburgh, Scottland with regards to daughter Elizabeth who’s studies took place in Scottland and the South of England.


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