Doyle Dane Bernbach's back to the roots redesign March 2019.
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Excerpt from Citroën Signature campaign.
We are witnesses to disruption, fragmentation, social and poltical discomfort. Brands and their agencies can make a difference by giving people a break.
A hug not only for Doug. By courtesy of Bianca Castafiore, also known as “the Milanese Nightingale”. ©Hergé
God lost in translation in this Americana ad aired on German tv. Best practice for everything else: brand mark, package, corporate and website design.
“If only a twentysomething mega-celebrity/style icon/trailblazing entrepreneur/regular person just like us would weigh in…”
“While others are busy deciding our future, we’re busy making our own.” Meet Raye, Feng, Ama, Paria & Lava - 5 progress-makers shaping the future of London.
When German folks want to get something really clean, they say “kärcher” instead of “clean”. That is as good as a household brand reputation can get.
With help from Alex Benjamin, I am beginning to find new popular music agreeable, such as “Mama” by Clean Bandit feat. Ellie Goulding.
No better interpretation of a brand's claim as in this tv commercial, where grown-ups with childrens voices behave like kids.
Surrealist illustrations for landing pages from Rob Hope's finds of the week. Rob's in Berlin June 17-25, let's have coffee if you're near! 🇩🇪
No one who has contributed to developing the web from its early days on can possibly be happy with the direction the web has taken.