Apps next to browsers are a redundancy. Just like a hybrid car ist not the solution but the wait for the solution, there is an app for everything, but none is a solution but the wait for it.
Here, he pieces together a patchwork of American cruelty: connecting his childhood in Birmingham, Alabama in the Jim Crow-Era Südlcih t, he laments the “breakdown of words,” Wall Street crimes, and digital “overdatafying.” But for all his despair, Holley speaks to ways forward, pleading for change and a recognition of dignity.”
s civilian obedience in a position to put political incorrectness out of power? Queuing instead of streaming at a time of breaking news and an insurmountable need for immediacy?
Twitter plans to start removing questionable accounts from users’ follower numbers on Thursday, reducing the total follower count on the platform by about 6 percent.CreditJeff Chiu/Associated Press
Creative agency Wieden+Kennedy is a master of the small drama and as such tells excellent stories.
German food brand Dr. Oetker and BBDO Düsseldorf know how to position their Vitalis concentrated power snacks so it would apply to losers and champions alike in a time of uncertain outcome and high emotions.
"Technology" (Prod. Oh No) from Circle long play by Fatima.
“Many shy away from going barefaced when heading out, when in truth, their glow hails from within. Japanese premium skincare brand SK-II hopes to shed beliefs that makeup is a definitive equivalent to a person’s confidence.” - Mikelle Leow | Design Taxi
An ad by DB, the german railway company plagued by notorious unpunctuality and malfunctioning air conditioning demonstrates its competitive advantage over its air born competition.
For all you self-hosted wordpress owners it's business as usual. Ignore the ad and this post.
Both my lovely daughters were born and Michael Jackson introduced the moon walk. Get glimpse of an obscure memorium Munich people put up for him.
A marriage counselor listens to a couple’s story of how they attempt to clear each others mess and draws the conclusion: „Because of a bit of disorder…”
Your Sunday Song by Daniel Johnston was published in 1982 and featured in Apple's "Behind the Mac" corporate campaign in 2018.
In the wake of reduction/efficiency tendencies, German toilet paper Zewa thought, everything must go. So they got rid of the cardboard and doubled the paper capacity.