A Swiss made best option for keeping up with the Kadashians. The Swiss made MP02 mobile phone is here. And it's expensive too.
Tim Cook's cheeky recent remarks on privacy are either naive or dumb. Whatever the case, it makes him look like an ailing hypocrite. No?
Snail Mail’s striking debut album is emotionally wise, musically clear, and encompasses the once and future sound of indie rock.
With enormous effort and an impressive presentation, the design office Wolff Olins has changed the all caps Uber mark to mixed letters.
From within Germany we've always observed and admired the progressiveness of the northern countries. Now that everyone is following the tendencies of changing everything, it's a Danish brand that refused to go along and sticks to the brands core values and traditions.
The pretty wisteria stretches its antennae in the window and will probably want to spread on my desk. I hear a dear blackbird lady rustling in the leaves of a nearby pear tree and soon the scarce sunlight will want to extend its play of light into the room.
Long before the Isle of Harris Distillery was founded the people of the Outer Hebrides were making beautiful things, created with craft and care.
See the logo decay from season to season (1-8), and how it comes back to bloom in outstanding season 9 with nature’s apparent recovery from foolish behavior lacking judgement by the people in midst of regrettable walking dead.
Grim humor for Netto-Online.de and the reconciliation of man and machine.
Ghost has come a long way in little time to compete with WordPress one day, should their subscription pricing not get in the way (WordPress now has one too).
Long Island teen brothers Lemon Twiggs made their mark as actors (Sinister, People Like Us) before recording last year’s baroque-pop full-length, their second, with Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado for Britain’s venerable 4AD Records.
A year after its digital version has replaced the print edition, with the aim to go to where the readers have gone, which supposedly is online, the 63 year long history of the Manhattan paper has come to an end.
Tendencies as with the re-eduction of people to correct their sense of reality, the cosmetics brand Dove and in consequence other brands are engaged with entitlement to authenticity, won’t do for a name like Agent Provocateur.