Bright Eyes' music video for their song "First day of my life" off of their 2005 album I'm wide awake. It's morning.
Bizarre springtime ad for for German DIY-store chain Hornbach by Berlin agency Heimat.
Berln start-up Share with seemingly conventional, classic advertising campaign by unconventional Berlin agency Heimat.
Life would be tragic if it weren't funny
Candidates are in for a surprise at the interview.
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“It only takes a taste.” A promise made by Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz in your today’s Sunday song. Enjoy. This is great.
The common bottle cap fastener according to Otto Kirchhof impressively, demonstrates why, when possible, proven and tried innovation is preferable. Crown caps for bottles, tea – and coffee capsules make good examples.
Straight from Amelia Torode Retweet, here's when 1 year ago today the world became a better place. #BBCdad
Local adaptions of familiar book titles, book covers, movie posters, or advertisements must have an puzzling effect on those who created them.
Nothing wrong with taking a breather first and then get on with it. However well executed, and its execution is remarkable, it's a push to home pod ad. And one pushy ad too many with the current tendency of messages pushing you around. No? war over. Everyone happy.
Europe needs agencies that won't allow themselves being pushed around by contemporary tendencies and act upon when opportunity knocks to form an agency (preferably here in München, Germany).
People everywhere want something different. I trust that all they want is something close to them. „Close to me.” Your Sunday Song brought to you by is a 1990 pop song from the Cure. Have a listen.