The ad has landed (Mark Duffy/Peteski)
Wilco anuncian Ode to Joy, su primer álbum de estudio en tres años
Anders Norén's Chaplin theme, likely the first and only genuinely Gutenberg ready theme for Wordpress
This is cool. You can keep bad actors at bay and follow Kazemi's experiment with as many users as Facebook but with a difference.
Opening credits for Old Town Road film
The fact that you can feel sad and eat carbs and feel better proves that feelings are stupid. Does anyone else get depressed/anxious on low carb?
Minimalismo, alto contraste e padronagem com o produto. Black and white popsicle illustrations from Spain by Brandon Monroe.
.“What me worry?” I have eventually outgrown the magazine with its iconic illustrations. Those of Don Martin† and Spy vs Spy are particularly sticky.
New and surprising gets all the attention. Midst of such omnipresent tendencies, Kurt Vile, surprises with old familiar guitar music.
Can't have a tank parade get in the way of commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States, on July 4, 1776 with sparkling joy.
Some girls by Marc Burckhardt for when my girls turn 34.
When the sun dies and the stars fade from view ~ Our love will remain real and true ~ Through the distant and cold depths of space
Learn about the „Je suis calm” scenery and the circumstance of “Lover” having been around you swifties for quite some time from Nicole Mastrogiannis.
All so-called original idea lean on previous original ideas.Ikea knows that and puts it to good use in this refreshing little commercial.
Back to landline like phone calls, back to pen and paper. However, they both need to be accessible, mobile and integrated in the digital age.