This’ll look nice when its framed

April 20th, 2016





Unlike Banksy’s work, which can be discovered elsewhere on urban walls and objects, web content always gets displayed within the frame of a physical device. Be it your cell phone, your tablet or your desktop monitor.

Web designers have come to accept that adding frames to their website design is a notorious redundant and silly act. Digital content by default lives on displays framed by physical devices.



Source Apple and Forrester

Looks and feels

Source Apple


Looks and feels

Source Forrester Research


Even with frames removed from site design, navigation bars, header background images and boxed elements now contribute to cluttered web design.



Should you, as a designer want to do some good, try focus on both content and its context. Never one without the other. Add white space, and match the brand’s character and behavior with a distinctive, fitting webfont. Concentrate more on what helps reflect the brand’s opinion. Opinionate with fitting fonts.






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