Dido Victoria Millinery


Dido Victoria Millinery

The accomplished milliner, my older daughter Dido, recently returned from a visit to her sister in Caldwell in the South of England, with the claim for her brand. “Hello Beautiful”.

For profitable distribution of her hood fashion, Dido is inventing ordinary sweat shirt hoods for American Apparel to take on. For soccer fans she designed a three color hood in ‘Schwarz-Rot-Gold” aimed at distribution for the soccer world cup series. With GAP in mind, she is busy designing denim hoods. You get the idea.


Sisters, Caldwell GB

Slow Marketing

You can’t hurry love and Dido is in no great rush for her ideas to take of. Practicing her hipster approach to desktop marketing, she settled on tumblr for being in touch with you fashion people. Occasionally selling a hat, a hood, or accessories to close friends, family or colleagues at the reputable ‘Landestheater Linz’, where she proudly holds a day job iin the city of Linz, Austria where Dido resides in a lovely chamber close to the blue waters of the danube.


Your Father

Julia with her grey croc-print velvet Riding Hood

Julia with her grey croc-print velvet Riding Hood; Linz Alturfahr, moments before the storm broke.


Dido, Saturday, July 4 2010

Dido, Saturday, July 4 2010



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