Milliner at the cathedral in Regensburg, Germany

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Oz the Great and Powerful

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Hot air, machines no longer built and 4 ounces of rabbit hair.

In the video you see Andreas Nusland, the last German milliner from Regensburg.

In marketing we refer to this as ‘category of one’. It’s what all brands long to be, milliner Nusland is the best, there is no other with unquestioned USP (unique selling proposition). The U in USP is commonly, falsely understood as singularly, rather than unique as in clearly identifiable, which offers marketing folks a more graspable means for business.

A model URL comprises the USP:

Andreas Nusland is the hat maker king with enviable url & business address at the cathedral.

An article in the english magazin Monocle appears with the next edition.

Milliner Andreas on Facebook.