Benedikt Herles "The Broken Elite" A Damage Report from the Board Room

Not intended for end of the world romantics and conspiracy theoreticians.



“We are experiencing a dilemma, for which not only the provoked markets and greed of investment bankers are responsible for. Not only dangerous financial instruments and anonymous speculations are the starting point for the huge reliability and stability crisis of the free economics. What is happening in the capital markets MADE IN MUNICHrepresent the symptoms only but not the origin of all evil. The truth is: Our business elites have entered a dead end.

Germany is looking good, because we have businesses in which capital structure optimisers and investment bankers have no say, but product loving engineers and families. And they organise their businesses in a different way. They are more concerned with the product and those who make it, and naturally, they think long term, that is in generations rather than just quarters.”

Benedikt Herles


German language radioWelt-interview with Benedikt Herles on launching his book “The Broken Elite”. Submitted by Birgit Harprath.


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