Illustration: (c) Daily Doodle Shop by way of this isn't happiness(TM)

Weekend greetings ~ Illustration: ©Daily Doodle Shop, by way of this isn’t happiness™



Boom -Art design decks

Design decks byDboom-art



Now that Superb did a good job applying some international web standard to the Mistral website, people may be looking forward to an update for the merchandise as well. A collaborative effort with amazing folks from Boom Art may lead to a mistral eco system and payment model involving athlete customised merchandise.



Boom-Art Design ist im Original nicht Mistral markiert!

For demonstration purpose only: Mistral branded Boom Art surf decks.



Renaissance Boom Art skate decks

For demonstration purpose only: Mistral branded Boom Art skate decks.



Bosch and Renaissance Boom Art surf decks

For demonstration purpose only, you got it…



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