Creative industry suppliers have been jumping on new media formats provided by specialised new media company’s such as The Deck network or Carbon network providing a digital advertising format that doesn’t suck.



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parson deck ad

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A worldwide disposal of spoilt media is near with the event of mobile first pushing for simpler design, making it a necessity and obligatory to rethink both media design and media formats.

Away with annoying interstitials, animated display ads. Remember the days when blinking text was all the rage, where have all those blinking lines gone? Do you miss them, has there been a revival for blinking text?



  1. Publishers, ad agencies to respond with fragmented, diversified media tailored to a fragmented market
  2. Designers to embrace small, non-animated formats by drilling down to the brand or products essence, reinventing the key visual for the mobile world.
  3. Copywriters to bang their heads at a single or three word message that says it all.



Publications with a determined readership can free their readers from ads that suck by choosing or inventing new media models such as the deck or carbon is offering theirs to the creative industry by invitation only. They may also look into collaborating with either company to add a category tailored to their readership’s interests.


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