Authors of social principles

Mark Earls, Le’Nise Brothers, John V Willshire, Faris Yakob, Katy Lindemann,
Neil Perkin, Jamie Coomber, Amelia Torode, Graeme Wood, Asi Sharabi.


We’ve all had our share in beating around the bush alongside the evolving world wide web, until more recently, when the web made us arrive at its current form and governance, eventually coined web 2.0, focused on what has more recently been understood as blog DNA. A back to the future shift that just happened. Alas, Dr. Ian Malcolm has long revealed the secret behind it all in Lost World [Jurassic Park 2]:


Social Principles 2015 poster

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“Life always finds a way”

Consequently we move on with the current development to social media, the social r/evolution. Again we get all excited and become concerned with all that we do, and what we are…

Alas, the London IPA comes to the aid and strives to provide orientation and defined principles at last. 10 unparalleled bloggers, each defining one such principle on each of their personal blogs:



IPA Social – 10 Principles

  1. People not consumers – Mark Earls
  2. Social agenda not business agenda – Le’Nise Brothers
  3. Continuous conversation not campaigning – John V Willshire
  4. Long term impacts not quick fixes – Faris Yakob
  5. Marketing with people not to people – Katy Lindemann
  6. Being authentic not persuasive – – Neil Perkin
  7. Perpetual beta – Jamie Coomber
  8. Technology changes, people don’t – Amelia Torode
  9. Change will never be this slow again – Graeme Wood
  10. Measure and evaluate – Asi Sharabi



Source: IPA Social
Background: This entry accompanies a German version to help get the conversation started in the German marketplace.



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