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Slanted truth well told in stripped down ad

February 24th, 2017



Droga5 minimalist truth billboard for the NYTimes

Droga5’s abgespeckte Plakatwerbung für die NYTimes



Truth. NYTimes



Truth. NYTimes





slanted truth
What’s true about the truth is that no one can stand it. We hate it. True is we live our lives in media. According to our President, much of media is fake news and alternative facts.

1The tense political climate in the U.S., and the Trump administration’s high-profile attacks on the media, have put many media outlets in the spotlight—which makes this a propitious time for brand messaging emphasizing the importance of quality journalism.



Sunday morning reaction



The campaign includes a 30-second spot that will air on the Academy Awards on Feb. 26 (where such ad slots are going for up to $2.5 million). The spot features audio of people debating politics, while on-screen text finishes the sentence “The truth is…” in various ways.Read in fullby Tim Nudd


slanted truth