Damage Club

Katz and Frank with their documetary exhibition Punk in Munich, Farbenladen, Hansastr. 31 – should you happen to be in Munich, Bavaria.

A worthwhile picture wall provides authentic insides from the days of legendary Damage Club.



Punk in Munich: Damage Club

Picture wall Damage



Punk in Munich: Thomas Bröse

Lorenz Lorenz who was fun to watch back then with the unmistakably Ted, Thomas Bröse (behind Lorenz Schröter).
Nothing much happening in Munich.



Punk in Munich

iconic guests
Sigi Hümmer w/band in the lower right hand corner

Punk in Munich





A London visitor may return home with the impression, that punk in fact originated in Munich.

Punk in Munich: The Lipstick Club

Lipstick picture wall

Punk in Munich: Peter Wacha (Upstart)

Peter Wacha (Upstart) familiarizing himself with Vodka straight up.

Punk in Munich: Thomas Kistner

Thomas Kistner wearing a dinner jacket at the Lipstick Club



DIY: Witness a movement happen start to finish in under three minutes

Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby, famously demonstrated the inner makings of a movement. Something every Munich punk by now has been contributing to for thirty-two (32) years.

What’s now called crowdsourcing and has become instrumental for politics and businesses to get anything going, was at the core of legendary Munich Punk Sampler.



The Munich sampler was an accident

Much like today’s business successes (Google, Facebook & Co.), the Munich Punk sampler: Munich – Changing Tires Made Easy was an accident.

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