M I S C.  G O O D S  C O.





Winning the kickstarter game
with a deck of cards

Again, graphic designers around the world must slap themselves on the forehead and wonder, why haven’t I had the idea?

“Dear Graphic and Web Designers, please understand that there are greater opportunities available to you.”.

Back in November last year, Tyler Deeb was thanking his supporters for funding, what was aimed at covering the production costs of $6,250 with the aid of Kickstarter and left him humbled with a feeling of it being undeserved when 4,022 supporters had raised $146,596.



Misc. Goods Co. $15.00 First Edition Deck




An awesome, great gift

Limited first edition deck of sequentially numbered playing cards for $15:

Order your’s here.

Mark Wilson said it, “we haven’t seen a more beautiful deck of cards”.



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