Spark Progress

“While others are busy deciding our future, we’re busy making our own.” Meet Raye, Feng, Ama, Paria & Lava – 5 progress-makers shaping the future of London.
spark progress

The campaign opener since it is W+K London‘s turn to work for Nike owned Converse, supports the London scene’s start-ups visibility.

Germany’s Rewe grocery chain begann to use a Start-Up tag to spark grocery shoppers attention to products by young founders. That’s a spur on access and it nicely contributes to get much needed self-actualization going.

Kärcher, Germany’s house and garden appliance with a WOM reputation any competitor can only dream of

59,80 € Window Vac 6

When German folks want to get something really clean, they say they want it to be “kärcher” instead of “clean”.

That is as good as a household brand reputation gets.

Alas, the most favorable you can say about their advertising would have to be: “It’s getting there.”

“Let me down slowly”. Your Sunday song.

Still the most up-front demonstration of a brand’s claim that doubles as jingle

🎶 “Kids and grown-ups love it so” 🎶