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JWT, the world’s oldest ad agency considers its next creative move

Among other innovations, J. Walter Thompson invented the modern creative department.

Back in 1869, N.W. Ayer opened with $250 in Philadelphia as  the world’s first advertising agency with a commission system. Followed by James Walter Thompson, who in 1877 got started with magazine advertising and established the account executive as a position in advertising. In 1899 J. Walter Thompson Co. was the first agency wiht an office in Great Britain. JWT established structures such as the invention of the creative department—employing writers and artists creating advertising content for clients, replacing in-house departments. On November 26, the merger with digital agency Wundermann (with roots in direct-response) became public and that was that.

‚Grilled Cheesed’, eine Erfindung von JWT.
‘Grilled Cheese’ was invented by JWT.
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The agency invented the grilled cheese sandwich for Kraft. In the sixties they helped Ford market the Mustang.

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The Rock of Gibraltar for Prudential was introduced in 1897 endures for the brand today. Solid as a rock, JWT was known for long-term agency- client relationship and turn-over in the creative dept.  With its focus on finances, creatives left the agency frequently. Even so, the  remarkable creative history was continued into most recent years even though creatives played a side role.

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Fake not false

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While some may perhaps applaud Coca Cola for taking a stand in Germany, others may be offended. Even others may grow tired of the relentless bashing in media, politics and in public.

For a contemplative time say no to Afd1
For a silent night say no to Afd1

However this ad was never placed by Coca Cola, but by Plattform AfDentskalender and will be taken down by the city for inhabiting an area not released for advertisement.

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Grab it, before it's too late!
Black Friday.
Shredded prices.

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