A first online application for registering and changing your address is online in Germany

aachen.de Bürgerportal

It was on the news,
Aachen.de is the textbook example for a city portal.

Aachen.de, evolving from city portal
to citizens portal.

In Europe every change of address must be officially registered. The people of Aachen now are spared waiting in long lines when declaring their residency. Registering or changing your home address can now be taken care of online.

Other cities may now follow what is declared as a paradigm of the city of Aachen, build on it, allow for greater focus on what the citizen can do, optimise the user experience and make it simpler for people to get paper work done online.

Turn a city portal into an idea that does 1, a true citizens portal.

Visit their website



Carlsberg’s redesign is anti-trend and made for the duration

Carlsberg before-after mark

Carlsberg’ before-after mark
Subtle changes can make a big difference online.

A contemporary spin on an intentionally anti-trend redesign

A contemporary spin on an intentionally anti-trend redesign

Carlsberg Pilsen beer

Carlsberg Pilsen beer

Carlsberg mark

Carlsberg mark

Carlsberg coaster

Carlsberg coaster
All images courtesy Bristol’s Taxi Studio and Read in full overat Bristol's Taxi Studio



“Feels like summer”. Your Sunday song.

Illustration von Justin Richburg

Illustration von Justin Richburg

Feels Like Summer | Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)

The pretty wisteria stretches its antennae in the window and will probably want to spread on my desk. I hear a dear blackbird lady rustling in the leaves of a nearby pear tree and soon the scarce sunlight will want to extend its play of light into the room.

It feels like summer, even though the construction of the Munich October Fest, to celebrate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig, the later King Ludwig I, with Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen, has long been in full swing and I can hear a pear plunge onto the stone plastered courtyard every now and then.



Every Friday’s welcome email from the Outer Hebrides

On the craft of composing subscription emails

Long before the Isle of Harris Distillery was founded the people of the Outer Hebrides were making beautiful things, created with craft and care.

Harris Tweed has been woven in these islands for over 100 years, and tonight we’re delighted to weave our two stories together as we launch ‘The Harris Tweed Project’.

At the heart of this endeavour lies a competition to design a unique Isle of Harris Distillery tweed as part of our Year of Young People 2018 activities.
We will be inviting school pupils across the Outer Hebrides to design the final pattern and working with the winner to bring their ideas to fruition as a very special length of Harris Tweed cloth.

Simon Erlanger.
​Managing Director, Isle of Harris Distillers Ltd.