source:  buzzfeed

Barbie with…

source: buzzfeed

…and without makeup


Image by Nickolay Lamm

Brazz with…

Image by Nickolay Lamm

…and wirhout make up

Image by Nickolay Lamm

Image by Nickolay Lamm

Cinderella with…

Image by Nickolay Lamm

…and without make up

Image by Nickolay Lamm

A myth demystified is more mystical still

Earlier this week, Eddi Aguirre Cendejaz shocked with a Barbie doll with no make up. Nickolay Lamm however found, he would exaggerate the all natural look and removed the make up from dolls of the Disney princess collection.

Like everything in this time of transformation, womanish affectation is changing too. While men and women of publicness and influence make use of Botox a standard, a new self-understanding gains momentum and attractiveness. Perhaps a natural healthiness is most captivating and if we can stand the smell of one another is the determining factor of inter sexual attractiveness.


Source: Donna Dickens, Buzzfeed.





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