Theoretical simplicity (left) leading to…

Theoretical simplicity (left) leading to…



…an overly complicated interface (right)

…an overly complicated interface (right)




„We sought to create a calculator that is as beautiful as it is simple. Rechner is that calculator.”

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Rechner is an apps for the iPhone by Berger and Fohr, a design studio in Boulder, Colorado, build for touchscreen and gesture based interfacing.

With numbers, I wish to be able to rely on my input and the precision of the calculation. Which is why the display achnowledges my typing „2” by displaying the number 2 on the display. Then I choose a function such as add, subtract, multiply or divide and the number I want the function to act upon. i.e:






Rechner, turns this simple exercise with the learned tactile feedback we are all comfortable with, into an adventure based on interface gestures. Gesture functionality for basic math calculations:






What was once child’s play is being whiped into oblivion.
Did I just whipe to the right, to the left, upwar or downward? It simply exceeds my cognitive capability where I wish to rely on safe feedback.



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