Lean in

March 13th, 2013



Sheryl Sandberg auf dem Einband ihres Frauenmanifests.

Sheryl Sandberg on the cover of her book Lean In, out now.

all eyes on the woman manifesto

All eyes on the woman manifesto

Kümmert es das Top Shop Modell?

Will this Topshop model care?

Photo: Top Shop

More great women don’t ‘lean in’ because they don’t like the world they’re being asked to lean into.

Sheryl Sandberg, the beautiful, talented and rich Facebook chief operations officer, has published her book, which was coined a woman manifesto by German newspaper Die Welt.

The accompanying website however is unlike Facebook no aggregator but a platform based on WordPress CMS, that rather than acting as a female recruitment aid to help company’s find female talent and vice versa, it allows for making conversation on topic of the book.

We’ll see many such make belief social conscience campaigns these days. The good old advertising lie is back wearing Emperor Social’s clothes.

It’s a tubberware party for ladies that like to think about role model female leadership instead of leaning in and getting it done.



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