Hans Haas, a most down-to-earth, legendary chef of Munich's Tantris gourmet temple.

Hans Haas, a most down-to-earth, legendary chef of Munich’s Tantris gourmet temple. Source: Tantris.

That is what Hans Haas, the most down-to-earth, legendary chef of Munich’s gourmet temple, Tantris says in a recent tv documentary. In command of the German language watch an excerpt here.

Perhaps unaware of offering politicians, urban planners and architects a core tenet of urban developement and a guiding principle for much of design.

A core urban principle must be:

Urban Development:

It’s all good so long it’s into each other not so separated.

May I ask you, adored reader, to share this with friends and family. It may well be possible you are contributing to the common good with the likely occurring, that Hans Haas collected life wisdom resonates in the open ears of a politician, an architect or urban planer.

Think of it as the antithesis to mono culture of which we know it did not do us much good, if any.

Thank you.



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