sluggoleaks ©Bernie Bushmiller

sluggoleaks ©Bernie Bushmiller



With mobile first being the dominant directive, you designers can bang your heads at a myriad of much needed usability issues, but you got to leave the format design at where it is.

Making it easy on the thumb, all content drops down in an endless single column. My philosopher friend Thomas Palzer welcomes back the papyrus role.



Walk like an Agyptian

Walk like an Agyptian



Welcome back the papyrus role

Early 1990, Chan Suh and Kyle Shannon ran a breakthrough website out of New York, with centered content in a single endless column. They then moved on to incorporate, which was purchased by Omnicom Group and renamed designory.

Alas, I can’t recall the name of that website, but I can fondly recall, how Kyle walked me through his agency shortly after aquiring the office space.

Archaic stuff has a way to come back, think of archaic UNIX powering Linux and OS X. Even with print design back at art school, I was consumed with the notion, that ad design left the designer only one choice, that of having the headline above or below the key visual. And of course there could only be one image.

With the American mind of an American raised abroad, the headline had to remain underneath the image (Europeans prefer the headline on top of the image —Eurotrash if you ask me…).

The automotive industry was right all along to make use of one generic headline for all model launches across all brands: “INTRODUCING THE NEW …”.

The visionary designer in the new world is on the look-out for whatever works and inherits general application. Templates of all kinds and sorts. Theme based, off the shelf CMS, coloring books for grown-ups. What have you. One for all solutions to have fun with on the way to world domination.



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