Walter Ulbricht

June 15, 1961, Haus der Ministerien in East Berlin – Walter Ulbricht promises a Berlin without walls: “Nobody intends to build a wall.”
Photo: dpa


German elections 2013: Come May 13, a German public tv station launches A reality check aiming at evaluatating and validating pre-election promises made by politicians

Good design dissolves into behavior says Naoto Fukasawa. If so, the intended behaviour can be manipulated.

Is it the ZDF tv station’s intend to encourage a man hunt or is it meant to provide an incentive for politicians to act responsibly?

Public prosecutor articulate a question to prompt a yes or no response.

Public prosecutor articulate a question to prompt a yes or no response. Source.

self fulfilling prophecy

self fulfilling prophecy – design with intend. Source

At court, witnesses are required to respond with yes or no. A cause for direct questions on behalf of the public procecutor. #ZDFcheck taken literarily must demonstrate its moral standard with immediacy: The side-by-side confrontation of pre-election promises on one hand, and the chronologic listing of achieved facts on the other hand (see chart below).

ZDFcheck must remain available and kept relevant online for the time it takes to full-fill made promises.



Pre-election promise
Pre-election promise
including short description





achieved facts
listing of achieved facts aimed at fullfilling made promise in chronological order.





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