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A fine time for enhanced web typography eventually turning the web into a nicer place to visit

After 109 years of offset printing, the new iPad and now the Mac Book Pro Retina display surpasses the quality of glossy fashion magazines.

Give it some time and the broad availability of retina quality displays will boost our expectation in a new aesthetic for web design.

Quite the contrary perhaps of what the talented James Bridle got his mind wrapped around when waving at the machines.

Most certainly we want to wave to the machines


You can only preserve what you keep a fond memory of

  • The bona fide multi column layout of your favorite newspaper.
  • Clear structuring of content.

  • Learned and loved user habits, such as the iOS swipe gestures and swiping content preferably up and down rather than left and right.
  • The re-education by blogs of how we want to browse the web.


    With web fonts and CCS, designers are more than ever in control of their design.

    So there.

    Design offers a passage to integrated marketing.

    Visiting code academy helps along the way and the occasional Google search for anything ‘html‘, helps reach a self-taught understanding of how it all is coming together.


    The best time is spent in a learning curve

    No learning, no living. Granted. No vital livelihood, no good living. In either of our chosen worlds.

    Room to move.



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