FHK Henrion

As a teenager, Henrion was forced out of Germany by the rise of Nazism. For six months during World War II, he was an inmate of Onchan Camp, on the Isle of Man, as the British Government classified all émigrés from countries they were fighting against as “enemy aliens,” even if they were Jewish refugees. But by 1940, Henrion was freed and eventually obtained British citizenship.



Advertising is dead and back to design is the way to go. Materialised solutions are in demand as people get tired with intangibles by which the flood of how to books and marketing consultants are an indicator of. What the design industry needs now is reinsurance with graspable, material solutions, hands-on graphic design delivers. However digital hence immaterial this may be.


He believed that his corporate clients should portray themselves truthfully and through plain speaking; he would have been unsympathetic to today’s cult of branding as a cloak of evasion and a tool for spin and hype,

author Adrian Shaughnessy writes.



Successful labels in demand do quite the opposite.

When on a paddock you want contact to the ponies, don’t approach them. Be by yourself, soon the ponies will come looking for you.

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