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181 million blogs (2011, Nielsen/McKinsey) make for a media market of their own

While traditional media companies like Universal Media have yet to adapt to the change in consumer behaviour with their supply of animated banners, interstitials and pop ups that create awareness for brands by being annoying and disturbing, new media networks have emerged and offer highly targeted, selective ads the size of postal stamps.

parson deck ad

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Remember when blinking text was a hip thing and widely in use across the web?

Have you come across blinking text lately? It’s gone, people got tired and web masters quit using it. I expect ads that get in the way of content to disappear just like blinking text disappeared, sooner than later.




German stilanzeigen (stylish ads) network


Simon Staib

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Germany was quick to adapt implicit media for its 3.5 million blogs

Much like social networks are overrated at the expense of blogs, statistics suggest that Germany has fallen behind with new technologies and have issues with everything becoming public, Edalmann’s bloglevel however verifies ratings in the upper third for German marketing blogs I am watching, often surpassing ratings from angloamerican fellow blogs.