My protestant friend, Markus Dennig in New York had an understanding of the vast volume of the communcations industry with plenty of room to move. More than once I had to find new orientation, and start from scratch with the help from family and friends . A cobbler I stuck to my last. As I turn every stone and visit every agency of every discipline, categories become obvious and their patterns show. No surprise though from which I could profit and and I want to spare you ugly, yes repulsive details of my learnings. I am relieved and pleased to continue (with my career) merrily.

Harmut Esslinger with content to believe in

Design. A passage to integrated communication.

Reason to optimism is being offered by a category I missed out on. The design category. I have all but forgotten about deep down in the fabric of my making, and its obviously increasing meaning for our post-digital era. I have not heard of meta design in Berlin or frog design in Munich to have suffered from the affects of the world economy crisis. Much like agencies with a new business model, these design businesses increased their sphere of activities unaffected by competition from heavy contenders such as networked ad agencies and marketing mammoths.

Design needs little explanation, design remains self explanatory. Design is both, a tactical tool and a strategic means. Design is not positioned as political competition to contenders in the adverstising space. Advertising is spam and marketing is getting on our nerves. What the world needs most is something to believe in, something everyone can get his hands around, something unspoiled, straight forward, seizable and tangible. And marketing contradicts all that.

“Napoleon was not big either” it says on the credentials site of my long term Viennese girlfriend, adorable, successful business woman Birgit Vollmeier, followed by a comprehensive listing of of design cases featuring renown local businesses and their agencies. Birgit is a copywriter who shook hands with David Ogilvy, not a designer. Seamless integrated campaigns is what you get from her.