A lady beard is on the loose in Europe

Mashup, Sources.



I don’t know if he’s watching, but if so, I said clearly, we are unstoppable,” Ms. Wurst said. “I really dream of a world where we don’t have to talk about unnecessary things like sexuality, where you’re from, who you love.

No Drama, Conchita Wurst from Austria wins the European Song Contest. Ms. Wurst’s onstage drag persona was created by a 25-year-old singer named Thomas Neuwirth.

It’s a different story though in social media, a “Say No to Conchita Wurst”-campaign on Facebook, has gathered 38.400 fans, 6.000 more than the misses.


Keep smiling


A lady beard is on the loose by David Hugendick. Ukrainians decided in favor of Russia. On a sidenote, you can submit your photographs with people smiling until May 28 to National Geographic’s “The Power of A Smile”-contest.




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