Europe’s female ministers of defence

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The beating continues until moral improves

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second impact



India’s Utthar Pradesh, known as one of the poorest regions is home turf of the Gulabi gang, lead by 51-year old Sampat Pal and batons for female rights.

London’s once famous Bobby’s were famous for not carrying guns and ensuring law and order with good manners and batons. Today you see them carrying machine guns.

Bavaria’s police force is about to replace their fleets humble “tatütata” with the more authoritative sirens of US police cars.

German tv station WDR worldwide accompanies the resolute Sampat Pal, who helps solve a dowry murder and helps prevent another childhood wedding with her pink neighborhood watch.


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A bit cramped but this is how I want to live

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狭小ä宅 (kyoushou jyuutaku)

狭小ä宅 (kyoushou jyuutaku)

Fix und Foxi 285

German Fix und Foxi comic №285


DIY Lupo tower paper stencil

Ashcraft’s preferred lifestyle in narrow houses confirmed. Being raised in Munich, Germany, cartoonist Rolf Kauka’s Lupo tower remained in fond memory since childhood. A lifestyle similar to living on spacecraft Enterprise. It smells like the plastic interior of the Dodge Challenger you just bought. The nourishment is taken in with food tubes, a time saving procedure which in contrast to extended dining with friends won’t get on your nerves.


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German bastard economy

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Le camp Yantar, 1994 by Claudine Doury



“European prosperity and its enemies”

On Saturday, a congregation at the Munich Literature House was broadcast by BR-alpha with Sigmund Gottlieb, the chief editor of Bavarian Broadcasting, Alexander Mettenheimer from the Bavarian LB (bank) and Gabor Steingart, who gave a short introduction based on his new book “European prosperity and its enemies”, and transformed a complex issue i.e. financial crisis into easy to grasp common language.


Big problems don’t need big solutions

In sharp contrast to discussions being aired every other evening on German tv with ever the same politicians or celebrities and all too typical twaddle, the conversation of these three fine gentlemen at Munich’s literature house, a beginning, a middle part and an an end incl. an incentive toward feasible solutions.

At Munich American Highschool, I attended, speech was part of the itinerary: Say what you are going to say. Say it. Conclude what you just said.

German’s owe all three, Steingart, Gottlieb and Mettenheimer plenty of thanks for a cool, calm, collected conversation, which simply skipped the thinking blockades of accusations otherwise all too common and took the audience onto a resumption of the age of enlightenment which ended prematurely in the 17th century.


5 steps to end the bastard economy

  1. Abolishment of the budget right
  2. Decartelization of banks and politics
  3. Banks must return to being servants of society
  4. Healing assistance for the south of Europe
  5. Economic science must reinvent itself


Above bulletpoints lead to German language insights.
Buy the German edition here.



On the future of knowledge transfer

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MA.TT art

Source: ma.tt


“WordPress has grown up. It’s not really about blogging anymore, it has moved on to be about websites, a content management system and all sorts of amazing things. I see the future of WordPress as operating system for the web.”

John O’Nolan, Founder of Ghost, dedicated blogging platform.




Pointers via newsletter by Neil Perkin.



Your turn

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Sand, Kies, Wasser, Zement, Haus

Sand, gravel, water, cement, house.

Gott, Himmel, Wasser, Fertig

God, sky, water, finished.

Fliessen, Wanne, Dusche, Bad

Tiles, tub, shower, bath.

Akropolis, Louvre, Taj Mahal, Big Ben.

Akropolis, Louvre, Taj Mahal, Big Ben.

Your turn


Client: Hornbach
Agency: Heimat Berlin.


Heimat is the advertising club of Germany, the German cult of done and its in the fibre and fabric of how its done and a reflection of what consumes us in general or by media manipulation during the days of transformation.

For its courageous home improvement client Hornbach, the creatives at Heimat have tabbed into the mindset of DIY, the required insanity for getting things done. WP’s coding is poetry, the importance of tag words is transformed into ads and American pioneers spirit has been transformed for the German market. Surprisingly nothing gets lost in translation: Yippie Yeah!


Regain Your Self Respect



1⃣ Grab a hammer.



2⃣ Re-earn your self-respect.




You grow what you nurture (@bud_caddell).




Golden Seventies

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Foto: Werner Bokelberg

Sucking in the seventies via This isn’t happiness™ Peteski
Photo: Werner Bokelberg

Photo: Werner Bokelberg

Sucking in the seventies via This isn’t happiness™ Peteski
Foto: Werner Bokelberg


McKinsey predicts a golden era for Germany (as long as an agenda 2025 is implemented and gets executed).

No one had a plan or agenda for the golden seventies, however they are fondly remembered.

Let’s take a second and look back.

I can vitaly remember having seen the picture to the left when it was originally published.

See through blouses and women wearing no bras, psychedelic musik and looking forward in indisputable confidence. The seventies remain in good memory.

It was a decade of exhaling and being at peace with oneself, at least for baby boomers and compared to the turmoil and lack of trust in government and businesses we have today.

The outlook for a forthcoming, golden era requiring another agenda, fails to raise hope or confidence, but causes suspicion and perhaps panic. McKinsey must have considered the soft facts.

All that the agenda 2010 is remembered by is Hartz IV, which depleted the retirement fonds from Germany’s elders and stripped ‘social’ from the once dependable welfare state, people so heavily relied on.

On the other side Hartz IV is said to be responsible for Germany standing out with a strong economy.



The Christian Party (CSU) spearheaded by Horst Seehofer has already introduced a hashtag (Spearheading Progress) for Bavaria and the city of Munich claiming leadership of the technology movement, despite it’s late entry.


Please note the exclamation mark




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New female aesthetic

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source:  buzzfeed

Barbie with…

source: buzzfeed

…and without makeup

Source: behance.net

Image by Nickolay Lamm

Brazz with…

Image by Nickolay Lamm

…and wirhout make up

Image by Nickolay Lamm

Image by Nickolay Lamm

Cinderella with…

Image by Nickolay Lamm

…and without make up

Image by Nickolay Lamm

A myth demystified is more mystical still

Earlier this week, Eddi Aguirre Cendejaz shocked with a Barbie doll with no make up. Nickolay Lamm however found, he would exaggerate the all natural look and removed the make up from dolls of the Disney princess collection.

Like everything in this time of transformation, womanish affectation is changing too. While men and women of publicness and influence make use of Botox a standard, a new self-understanding gains momentum and attractiveness. Perhaps a natural healthiness is most captivating and if we can stand the smell of one another is the determining factor of inter sexual attractiveness.


Source: Donna Dickens, Buzzfeed.





Rewe New Aesthetic

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German supermarket chain is broadcasting a new aesthetic into German living rooms

German supermarket chain broadcasting a new aesthetic into German living rooms

Witness the magic of extra-terrestrial-humanoid convergence.

Witness the magic of extra-terrestrial-humanoid convergence.


brandeins: What do you stand for? German economy magazine brandeins

Q: Are we not men A: We are Devo

Q: Are we not men
A: We are Devo


“Campaign consisting of 7 tvc’s, plenty of Zeitgeist close to the consumer. The creative concept takes on the principle of simplification with its unapologetic execution into a daringly stylized world in concise, clear messages.”


German supermarket chain Rewe advertises
a new aesthetic for living better lifes

With a mash up of CGI, stop motion und heavy filtering, Berlin agency Heimat suggests a counter-trend to the current en vogue authenticity for their client Rewe. This is not the New Aesthetic James Bridle had in mind with his NA, which had evolved from pixelating our world (Google Street View made unrecognizable, military stealth-technologies…) and is now becoming questionable with the introduction of the retina screen resolution.

Good luck with the new aesthetic.

A dream that may come true for social engineers. Star Trek sterility compared to the hopelessly unattractive German supermarkets. Consumers begin to resemble facebook graphics and business people are already familiar with this sort of thing from powerpoint slides and info graphics. Democratizing the entire family with a deminishing, stylised lense as if photographed by David Hamilton, by which paedophiles will no longer helplessly stand opposite to those under age. Instead of the the familiar swiping, all you got to do is snipe your fingers and the innovations come tumbling into your shopping cart. A human interface design which must have made my colleagues at the agency crack up.

Would advertsiing be art, as was proclaimed by acknowledged top creative Michael Schirner and GGK in the Seventies, Rewe would be a branch or replicant of MoMa and people from around the world would come flying in to see how society is being forced to look into the mirror.

Art critiques would write things like: „With the exception of their supermarkets, Rewe just doesn’t play dirty enough.‟ and “What Rewe needs now is a spokesperson like Tom Cruise.”


Here’s more on the topic by Santiago Campillo-Lundbeck (German language)..



Mary Meeker’s state of the web

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Mary Meeker’s year-end report
Sculpture: Peggy Davies