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Those who arrive, will survive. Terminus. The Walking Dead.

Those who arrive, will survive. Terminus. The Walking Dead.



Lower your weapons.
You will be met.
You have arrived at terminus.

The Walking Dead


It’s March 30th, my 58th birthday and there is evidence, that life goes on, me included now the opportunity arises, has become publicly available and all tools are in place.

Magnificent. Internal joy.

Thank you all for wishing me well and stunning gifts. However the excitement is not only due to my birthday, but the experience of basic innovation being introduced as a conclusion of the first 25 internet years. And not as you might fear of yet another asshole strategist knocking your door down with a sensational new buzzword or industry news of groundbreaking change breathing up your neck demanding you to change your ways.

Updates happen automatically and consistently without you taking note. Basic innovations are a rare breed and require tradition to have taken place.

What is happening right now, is the introduction of basic innovation of greater magnitude and a potential to change the balance of large companies and institutions with equal opportunity for small businesses and family businesses. How so?

It is this time, when proven and tried best business practices are consolidated and have begun to grow patina – new traditions become dependable and transform into a universal solution for politics, economics, society and education. In this order.

An ingenious solution with potential for improved equal opportunities, depending on what people want from their government.

Particularly suitably for Germany with its resettled service desert in digital and in respect of what Europe expects from Germany and for the Euro.

If thus the middle class should make up the economical backbone while large multi-national companies and record-breakers in exporting goods are meant, then I have a surprise for you.

The revival of the middle class and family owned businesses from own strength now that tested and tried tools are readily available from the shelves to any one at affordable cost.

In my life this is the fourth time, I start from scratch and the third time bottom up with no spare change in my pockets. The time it takes from pavement to penthouse has exponentially increased with age. Patience is a virtue and development your best friend.

On it goes without advertising and its often steep investment. People always find out about a product or service that doesn’t suck and spread the word.

Now you can go ahead and center all focus and resources on creating a product or service that won’t suck and take on your communication in-house. What mommy bloggers can do your company can do too. 25 years ago when the internet got started, Bill Bernbach famously said:

Word of mouth is the best medium of all.

quoted in Bill Bernbach Said (1989), DDB Needham Worldwide.



Plane disappearances.
A pointer to brief histories.

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A man writes a message for passengers of Malaysian Airline flight MH370 on a banner at Kuala Lumpur International airport Photograph: Mak Remissa/EPA

A man writes a message for passengers of Malaysian Airline flight MH370 on a banner at Kuala Lumpur International airport. Photograph: Mak Remissa/EPA.






Until Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been recovered and passengers have been brought home to their families, each report ads to the inconsolable burden and terrible torture for the families of the passengers.

The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 is the most bizarre story in aviation history. Or is it?

Reports from the Guardian und Vokativ find that the records of the Aviation Safety Network show that 100 planes have been gone missing since 1944.

Read in full.

More on the history.



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I need to do everything in my power not to be poor

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Via mksim - via hangaround - via whitworthsocket



When mankind was known as cavemen, they became creative after a successful day of hunting. Having returned to the safety of the cave, and hunger has been satisfied, won insights during the day were processed with so-called cave paintings.

Known Paleolithic cave paintings did not contain ideas but reflections of made experiences during the day. Hence the 17,300 years old paintings primarely consisted of large animals to have lived in the area at the time.

Today the order is reversed.

To repel hunger and poverty, i.e. after you are done with school or to prevent poverty at old age, you must become creative.

Go identify weak products and services and beat them in the favour of the people with better usability and clearer communication.

Today a founder or small business owner engaged in social media who proves to be of continued value and relevance to a growing following, can outperform a big brand’s campaign launched on a big budget a couple years from now.

A robust self understanding remains a prerequisite.

The other great hint we get from Paleolithic cave paintings is one of the power of insights. No ideas were worth getting painted on cave walls only insights.

What is being shared on todays web are insights more than anything else, not ideas. By sharing valued insights your reputation grows as an entrepreneur. Leave ideas to comedians and ad agencies.

Read on (from where I got the headline from).

This brilliant slideshare provides you with a structured approach.

Reentering the work force after a extended period.



The Church of John F. Kennedy

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jfk suhrkamp

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”


Read on.



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Banksy: “Sirens Of The Lambs“

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Banksy: 'Sirens of the lambs'

Bansky: “Sirens Of The Lambs“



Since compassion for animals is so intimately associated with goodness of character, it may be confidently asserted that whoever is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860)


Read on.



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It’s over

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Via this isn’t happiness™ Pereski. Quelle..

Putin break up

Putin Trennung. Quelle.



Ziva says

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Ziva David (Cote de Pablo ) NCIS

Ziva David (Cote de Pablo ) NCIS. Source.


“Change requires acts”

Ziva David, NCIS



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“Christmas is being decided underneath the christmas tree”

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In command of the German language read Bärbel Unckrich’s interview with Ogilvy creative Matthias Storath with insights of the first pick in what is planned as next generation series by Germany’s premier advertising trade magazine Horizont. It’s not exactly a documentation of how Storath has changed the Frankfurt office of Ogilvy & Mather though.

Matthias Storath is a first German response to Gareth Kay’s inquiry to where the new radicals may be.


“Where are the new radicals?”

The creative lead and managing partner of Ogilvy & Mather’s Frankfurt dependancy is convinced, that retail advertising is a driver for brilliant creative in Germany and comes closest to creating a new standard. “Retail products are not only exchangeable, they are more often than not identical. With a few clicks around the web, you’ll find the lowest-priced product and distance has long lost its meaning. Communication is your only option to create value.”

–excerpt from Horizont interview.


Storath still relies on handicraft and the reach and saturation of classic media. With the introduction of something as outrageous as a “set goal”, a predetermined, agreed on benchmark or standard of what the team aims to get accomplished, he hopes to reorganise the agency, instead of creating the technological requirements needed to systematically adapt and practice keeping pace with excessive complexity of the ever increasing number of touch points of the growing fragmentation of markets.

When asked for his favoured work he names “Christmas is being decided underneath the christmas tree” seasonal work for his retailer client Media-Markt which caused dismay and dispute.

Pior to Ogilvy he was on the Berlin Heimat team working for Hornbach. A campaign dripping with social relevance, the evolving social media revolution was envy of.

Mathias Storath Quelle: Horizont.net

Matthias Storath, Kreativgeschäftsführer von Ogilvy & Mather in Frankfurt.
Quelle: Horizont.net




We’ll see… With the German press casting a light on new radicals and the growing number of young radicals such as Storath coming into sight preferably when waving at the machines.

The 1st Book of Matthew

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The 1st Book of Matthew

The 1st Book of Matthew

Jesus heals an outlier.

Passion Play

“The Passion Play of Oberammergau” (1898): Only four years after the invention of the first film camera, this movie about the life of Jesus was shot..

Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1961

Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1961 Source: uploaded by Caltiki on flixster.com



Axe Apollo

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Axe Apollo

British Racing Green Bikini by Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

tintin ©Hergé

Tim u. Struppi ©Hergé

Space legend Buzz Aldrin is honorary patron of Axe Apollo mission

Axe Apollo Mission

Word of Mouth Is The Best Medium of All (Bill Bernbach)
via peach.at

Space is depressing as hell (Peteski)
via thisisnthappiness.com


Nothing beats an astronaut

Oh and thank you Bartle Bogle Hegarty for the bikini in British Racing Green

As with real life, firefighters, life guards as well as other honorable professions are at a disadvantage.

All you honorable professions, don’t get shot into space. Space is depressing as hell.



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