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Alternative facts with fake news as advertising

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fake news websites with fake anti-Trump narrative to get a filmtalked about.



alternative facts
According to Chris Thijk, Fox has now appologized for the inapropriate promotion. The fake news website has been discontinued.





What is happening all over the world?

A dominant, liberal elite including the liberal press is accusing the US President. Not of something the President did but what they fear he will be doing. How does this differ from previous Presidents new in office?
We now live our lives n media while with previous Presidents we lived a normal life. One without the media extension.

An international liberal elite fears to lose their dominance and demonstrates bad behavior. The bad behavior they accuse the president of.



Skeptiker, Zyniker, Nein-Sager und andere fiesen Charaktere.

Inappropriate group portrait with assholes



A lifetime I am consumed with and wonder what sources the next Nazis will spring from. How the next fascist groove thang will come about.

I must have had a more conducive progress in mind to come about with the transformation. Not a transformer as he appeared with Donald Trump.



Fortune favors the bold

I urge my socialist friends to hold back with their scorn. See first if work gets returned. And if money goes into the pockets of the hard working people.



©Wasted Rita

– before –

©Wasted Rita

– after –




alternative facts


At age 5½ Medium moves on with ⅓ less staff

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Long copy reader/writer community service
with user generated content Illustration: ©Ernie Bushmiller

Reader/writer community service
with user generated content
Illustration: ©Ernie Bushmiller



For 5 ½ years Ev Williams has been the talk of the town with his medium publication. Medium offers authors the most elegant and manageable word processing on the Internet. Inclusive of publicizing and distributing the content.

With 60M readers per month, Medium is a rider in the storm of the recent wave of aggregators. With power and influence owed to those 60M readers and writers.

Thus far 2016 has been the year with the largest momentum for Medium. The Washington Post, even our US government use medium for promotional publications.

EV Williams reported that medium’s advertisement offering is dangerously softening the original basic idea. And that they must renew Medium’s focus. They are set on a suitable basic business model that isn’t detrimental to their basic idea. Offices in New York and Washington D.C. were closed and 50 employees were let go.


Renewing Medium's focus3 min read by Ev Williams





Political pins and patches by Jessica Walsh

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Get yourshere




Jessica Walsh



Jessica Walsh



Meet Sperlein Studio

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Everything gets a redesign













Bodo Sperlein's neue Logotype

New logotype


(We understand the importance of bespoke products in a world that can often feel preoccupied with impersonal designs.)









Schlüsselbild Herangehensweise

This image is fresh and responsive to meet the tendency
of alleged authenticity.




























In January 2016, the iconic German home entertainment brand appointed Bodo Sperlein as Creative Director.



Young Sperlein must have internalized it early on. To get notable, historic manufacturers interested in his material knowledge and creative talent.

With his London South Bank Sperlein studio, he keeps creating new meaning for his brand. All while helping the historic manufacturer rejuvenate and gain refreshment. Not necessarily in that order.

As a result both companies enjoy significant international press coverage.

The initial website was leaning toward that of an upscale art- or household goods catalogue (see The new website is more straight forward, immediate, fresh and more personal.

Design: Gunter Piekarski

Being consultants in their own right, designers sometimes are reluctant toward advice. Ross Gunter and Mateusz Piekarski got through to Bodo Sperlein though.

The new design does not dissolve into behavior on all accounts. It reads very well and positions Sperlein Studio. Brilliant copywriting.


  1. Increase traffic with social media strategies in place to integrate with the new journal section or dispose of it. It’s terrible.
  2. Bring the registration routine up to standard.
  3. Re-adjust the responsive design for window width 800px – 1920px.
  4. Take sales serious or dump the shop. Make it work and fun to operate.


    English speaking nations are said to find serif-type more readable. The use of typography to help express a brand’s character and personality is obvious and strangely overlooked. Hint: The new logotype may offer itself as webfont for the sites’ copy text.



    One Pager

    One Pager

    A one pager prevents the screen refresh when switching from one page to the other. The transition becomes seamless and allows a smooth user experience. I’m sure Squarespace can do this for you.Visit website






Onepager from Vienna

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Prägnanter Einseiter von Peach

Perfect onepager by Peach




branded onepager

















An Austrian ad agency packs all its client’s features on the front page

  • all page elements serve the branding
  • webfonts provide and support a vintage feel
  • event marketing and special offers happen in fashionable classified ad modules
  • all while upselling and story telling takes place
  • Onepager
    The history of the founders Leonie Mayer Rieckh and Matthias Hofer, how they arrived at the Hildegard Wurst brand and what role the Italian Piaggio Ape plays in the Autstrian capitol. Literally a responsive onepager, not only by technically adjusting to any screen output device but by respecting and anticipating user needs. Tempting for Millenials with a penchant for nostalgia.




    If needed, the site could easily be powered by a standard theme and allow the founders to enter their sales pitches without help from a third party.Visit website






    How did she get there

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    get there
    Caroline Hugall set up a platform on Squarespace to deliver weekly insights from inspiring women in media, communications and arts.Heidi Hackemer:Founder, Wolf & Wilhelmine



    get there



    “When they go low we go high”

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    Speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz with Michelle Obama (Chuck Kennedy:The White House).

    Speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz with Michelle Obama
    (Chuck Kennedy:The White House).



    go high
    Sarah Hurwitz is holding a dream job, I only came to recognise as such in the very late years of my advertising career.

    It allows you to keep a low profile and enjoy privacy, while you directly influence stuff that matters. Including the part where you get to feel the consequences of your doing instantly as well.

    “Hurwitz has a knack for finding someone’s voice” former White House colleague Jon Lovett said. The voice might say: No, that transition is clumsy. Or: Are we really telling this story in a way that honors these people?

    A rarely found concentration on tossing aside words that could potentially jeopardise or distract from the core message.

    The kind of supreme concentration every copywriter must claim for herself, every media worker and every media designer must claim to be taken serious.

    No matter how many best practices tell you to aim low, dumb things down and pay lip service to social media trolls.


    Read in full by Krissah Thompson

    Hurwitz with members of her speechwriting team, Adam Frankel,
Ben Rhodes and Jon Favreau

    Hurwitz with members of her speechwriting team, Adam Frankel, Ben Rhodes and Jon Favreau.



    Michelle Obama’s Democratic convention speech in 3 minutes.





    go high



    Where has Heathrow taken you?

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    “First Flight” is set to David Bowie’s little-known but lovely “When I Live My Dream”.





    Enough already ad industry.
    Please put an end to story telling

    A Newspaper article would have been suffice to mention that London airport celebrates 70 years of its existence. True this is where the Beatles departed but am I ever going to be interested in feature stories of who travelled to or fro Heathrow? Has storytelling ever been what a consumer in general longs for the most?

    Of course not. Bedtime stories are nice for kids exiting their toddler age, but grown-ups want action not stories. You and your first girl friend may have exchanged stories the first night when you got to know each other. But today in the face of 7/24 web pornography? You want action not hear your boy friends life story.Read in full overat Creativepool News Heathrow






    Stuck in a vending machine

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    Stuck in a vending machine

    “Stuck in an advertising contract”

    Stuck in advertising







    World-class advertising made in Germany: In the third sequel of Ad Hell (#Werbehölle), celebrated German show masters Joko & Klaas are forced to fulfil the ad contract these two handsome, silly dudes signed as spokesperson duo for beverage brand Granini.

    They are stuck in a vending machine and forgot to bring change.






    “Stressed Out”

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    Everything is being redesigned



    New Aesthetic

    25 Songs that tell us where music is going.
    A one-time spectacular. The NYTimes Magazine.

    NYTimes Magazine with a special on New Aesthetic in music1



    „Stressed Out” Twenty One Pilots
    Brilliant example on how content within its context become relevant.



    New Aesthetic in music
    “Four years ago, I discovered James Bridle’s attempt to define the new aesthetic for the early 21. century with the help of many.

    With eyes wide open you could find it in fashion, war gear, in the arts and on numerous Google street view across Europe.
    NANew Aesthetic by James Bridle

    NA in design and perception

    While a large number of photos aimed at documenting the progressing fragmentation of markets and the splitting of the web with pixelated imagery, quite the contrary happened.



    Every trend is followed by an equally powerful counter trend.



    Neither design nor perception pixelated and fell apart in its bits and atoms.

    The quality of on screen images, happened to supersede that of glossy print magazines we had all grown familiar with. On screen display resolution superseded print results. Along came theme or template based design and the acceptance of web standards such as proven and tried layouts and functions. In turn it reached the level of best practices in print design.

    If there is a new aesthetic, then one that came along with the event of retina displays for watches, cell phones, tablet PCs or ever larger tv and desktop monitors.



    What the boys from twenty one pilots may also stressed out by, is the ever more demanding claim as a result of ever increasing expectations set in quality.



    NA der Musik

    The new aesthetic in music comes close to what is experienced as supernormal. Tt’s something we know and trust that we only need be reminded of and surprised by. The Hamilton Cast’s „Say no to this” demonstrates this nicely and should you not know the Hamilton Cast, take „Sorry” by Justin Bieber.

    A warm symphonic sound makes for the fundament of the new aesthetic on which the interpreters give their best.New Aesthetic in MusicA One-Time SpectacularNYTimes Magazine


    New Aesthetic in Music


    New Aesthetic in Music