Trending colors of the decade

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How this year’s
‘it’ colors came to be.

Forecasters analyze and choose “important” colors for the year and determine color palettes. These are the ‘important’ colors of the decade:



Color palette: The important colors of the decade.

The ‘important’ colors of the decade



Trending colors of the decade
You may think buying that particular color shirt or houseware item was your decision, but color analysts and forecasters actually anticipated the color you may choose a few years in advance. Here’s a nifty interactive application by the Washington Post for your short attention span:Lifestyle learning experienceby the Washington Post
Washington Post





Trending colors of the decade



This’ll look nice when its framed

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Unlike Banksy’s work, which can be discovered elsewhere on urban walls and objects, web content always gets displayed within the frame of a physical device. Be it your cell phone, your tablet or your desktop monitor.

Web designers have come to accept that adding frames to their website design is a notorious redundant and silly act. Digital content by default lives on displays framed by physical devices.



Source Apple and Forrester

Looks and feels

Source Apple


Looks and feels

Source Forrester Research


Even with frames removed from site design, navigation bars, header background images and boxed elements now contribute to cluttered web design.



Should you, as a designer want to do some good, try focus on content and its context. Add white space, and match the brand’s character and behavior with a distinctive, fitting webfont. Toss aside most everything else.






Working not Working special One Pager

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Illustration by WNW Member #5094 Jonathan Calugi





Working not Working
special One Pager

Working not working” is an invite-only community of the best talent in the creative industry. Not a recruiter, much rather an un-recruter. Understandably, everyone claims to be a disruptor these days. It is the dominant success factor, today’s most successful brands have in common.

A One Pager asking your attention with the introduction of a half-automatic service. Members wanted.
Perfect use of a One Pager.


One Pager

One Pager

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Illustration by WNW member #5094 Jonathan Calugi


25 Songs that tell us where music is going

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Caroline Shaw photo by Richard Burbridge for The New York Times

Caroline Shaw. Photo by
Richard Burbridge for The New York Times



NYTimes Magazine


Where music is going.
“Sorry” by Justin Bieber, “Say No To This” by The ‘Hamilton’ Cast, “I Watched The Film The Song Remains The Same” by Sun Kil Moon, “Get Away” by Syd Tha Kyd & The Internet, “One Sunday Morning” by Wilco, “’06” by Vince Staples, “Hurtin’ (On The Bottle)” by Margo Price, “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16.” by Matt Chamberlain, “Consideration” by Rihanna, “Blue Boy” by Mac Demarco, “Marvin Gaye” by Charlie Puth, “The Blacker The Berry” by Kendrick Lamar, “Early” by Run The Jewels, “The Colours Of Life” by CFCF,
“Hymn For The Weekend” by Coldplay, “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap, “Hello” by Lionel Richie, “Untitled” By Pharrell & J Balvin, “Partita For Eight Voices” by Caroline Shaw, “El Taxi” by Pitbull, “Really Love” by D’angelo, “Weh Dem Feel Like” by Vybz Kartel, “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots, “Sunday Candy” by Chance The Rapper, “Habibi” By Azis, “Blackstar” By David Bowie.

With contributions by Nitsuh Abebe, Mary H.K. Choi, Wesley Morris, Sam Hockley-Smith, Jenna Wortham, George Saunders, Jace Clayton, Carlo Rotella, Jeff Himmelman, Doreen St. Félix, John Wray, Jia Tolentino, Marlon James, Bijan Stephen, Max Read, Jeremy Gordon, Jamie Lauren Keiles, Jody Rosen, Mark Levine, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Amanda Petrusich, Miriam Markowitz, Jayson Greene, Jazmine Hughes, Mac Mcclelland and Will Hermes.


Best practice one pager

One Pager


Good work by NYT Magazine with a one page website, serving up best practice for the design community and typographers. A sound ‘n’ sweet reading experience for visitors. Do go there:ExperienceA One-Time Spectacular


where music is going



BMW Group sports new website

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Everything gets a redesign



BMWGroup.com - Teslamotors.com

BMWGroup.com       –       Teslamotors.com



BMW has just launched their new corporate site to celebrate the next 100 years.Launch site

Sheer Driving Pleasure

BMW’s famous claim always meant to address the act of getting behind the steering wheel on your own.

Sheer driving pleasure on autopilot is what Tesla’s site demonstrates, if you ask me. The BMW clubs in America do a much better job at celebrating 100 years of BMW.






A social platform for your neighborhood only

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A welcome Facebook alternative from Germany






Foto: Lukas Barth for the Süddeutsche Papers



A social network, where you exclusively get to see what your neighbors have to say

Im contrast to dominant social networks there’s no advertising. The platform aims to score with strict privacy measures and data security.

A formidable approach by Christian Vollmann to offer a platform dedicated to your immediate neighbourhood and only that.

This may contribute to proper behavior amongst its users and avoid the misconduct and bad behavior demonstrated on popular social platforms. You wouldn’t want to blackmail a person you will run into the next day, would you? Nebenan.de (next-door.de) is a great title and a fabulous idea, which may succeed when extended to all of Europe.

Features such as optional cross-connections by permission from one neighbourhood to another may help in the process.


neighbourhood only


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The real one pager

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Aegir hand-coded one pager

Aegir hand-coded one pager




Product panel in checkerboard style



Product panel in checkerboard style

Product panel in checkerboard style



Desktop Begrüßungsseite

Desktop landing page



“Aegir Project”

responsive one pager

One pager






Aegir Brewery, Capetown, South Africa

Rob Hope

hand coded one page website


Aegier Papyrusrolle


Best practice
one pager








What is a one pager?

A one pager is a website that sports a single column page only, ideally with no navigation.

The Munich philosopher, Thomas Palzer1, has welcomed one pagers as a continuum of the archaic papyrus role. A modern solution for distributing digital content.


What good is a one pager?

Businesses get to the point sooner and what could be the point if not a transaction? One pagers help support the purpose driven nature of the web more effectively. Also by accepting and respecting the visitors limited time and energy.

The site operators energy is focused on content and communication.



Why would that be important?

Both, site operators and visitors have a limited amount of time and energy available for each day. During the course of the day, time and energy are on the decline. An important factor for designers to consider.

A one pager is responsive toward the needs of the visitor. Not only in the technical sense of responsiveness, but by way of its human equivalence.

real one pager






More attention
on less (things)




real one pager



Munich’s UnConference on Design & Ethics

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MCBW LECTURES | DesignBetter: UnConference on Design & Ethics




Wednessday, February 24, 2016
Old Congress Hall, Munich ← Google directions
1pm to 6pm

Does a ‘design ethic’ exist at all? How can we promote ethics in design?

own this print

design ethics


A classic new website for Bavaria’s federal tv station

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Neue BR-Klassik.de

New BR-Klassik.de site is online



Klar, sauber, übersichtlich

Clean classic with a structure accepting a global standard.



Structure, white space, conventional typography, restraint, a hamburger menu, all accepting an intl. web standard, make for inviting responsiveness toward the visitor

Bavarian TV has long caught up with a much earned reputation the British Broadcasting so deserves. In Germany, TV is the transformer, the web sucks. With BR-Klassik.de a site was launched, one need not be ashamed of. Shame on you though, for the colon in the URL.



Visit website



Missing embed from official media websites

Missing embed from official media websitesn



Vorbildliche Einbindungsmöglcihekit bei TED

best practice sharing functionality by TED



BR-Klassik.de offers an elegant user experience it is not yet efficient with

The most infantile longing for sharing is being ignored by all official German media websites. The glue the web owes its success to —that which keeps huge crowds stick together, is being ignored.



The promise is proximity1
The motivation is sharing
The gain is acknowledgment



Websites of the German media all have in common, that the visitor can’t share its content such as videos, infographics. Thus the inherent sharing and communication abilities are disabled, much to their own disadvantage. Word of mouth is defunct.




I can’t embed the intended video “On a search for a warm sound” by Sol Gabetta. So here is our guest: Sol Gabetta, Cellist | Talking Germany, from another source.





Everything gets a remake…

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Faster Company.
Kill, kill, kill!

Foto: Everett Collection via Shutterstock und FastCoDesign



…and neglect

My initial experience with FastCompany’s website remake was, that I could no longer find the article, I referenced in yesterday’s blog post.

We owe it to theme and template based design, and the impeccable, universal design standards of Medium, to be blessed with something close to a global web standard. It allowed us to be delighted by efficiency and elegance when working the web.

Okay web pages have become as good as okay print magazine pages.

Recently structures, organic order and reliable functionalities are in decline. Of all things, FastCompany made a first step toward negligence with their wild design remake.

Nothing wrong with the articles. You lost me on the initial page neglecting any sense of overview or orientation.

The homepage is a mess.

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