Why Mac users want windows users to upgrade

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Windows Betriebssystem aktualisieren.

Please upgrade to Windows 10.



I know from Roger, that he waits for a couple more maintenance updates before he upgrades his operating system.

Roger isn’t stupid.

I know his OS and applications are always up to date.

But Roger works with OS X and must cope with iOS.



No updates no dynamics1

We know from media reports, that Windows users aren’t easily convinced to let go of their outdated operating system.

They lack the hands-on experience of day-by-day work with unprecedented elegant and efficient handling introduced by Microsoft with Windows 8.

It irritated them to no longer find their accustomed to start menu in the lower left corner of the screen.



Decaptivated Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Decaptivated Maslow’s hierarchy of needs..



Omitting updates? Here’s what happens in regards of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Smooth, elegant and effizient handling of modern operating systems can only be experienced during daily use in its actual environment. It takes practice which in turn influences your self-actualisation your survival depends on. That sound dramatic. Read on to learn how dramatic it really is. No personal growth and fulfilment as the result of omitting self-actualisation.

The majority of the working population is not qualified to evaluate what these new technologies hold in store for our survival. Business deciders and politicians can’t get a feel for making the right decision. They are not experienced. They are blind. The knowledge transfer is broken.

Upgrade to Windows 10.



A gastronomic audience with Gérard Depardieu

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Laurent Audiot and Gérard Depardieu at a watercress farm in Méréville, France Alastair Miller

Laurent Audiot and Gérard Depardieu at a watercress farm in Méréville, France Foto: Alastair Miller1



What Europe is watching is Gérard Depardieu feeding himself. At one point he rants against the globalisation and says: „Dinner shouldn’t come to us. We should go to dinner. When I want french food, I must travel to France – Not the other way around.”



How it’s being perceived is all that matters

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Muttertag - mydays Werbung

Mother’s Day – MyDays advertising
What day of the year you know of isn’t a mother’s day?






“How it’s being perceived is all that matters”

deutsche Weltklasse Werbeserie




A young kid places her order at a MyDays service counter by imitating the reaction she expects her purchase to have on the receiver.

Another unexpected charm offensive including sound advice from Germany rolled out for Mothers Day. What day of the year can you think of that isn’t mothers day?

UT99 A new beginning with Unreal Engine 4?

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Unreal Engine 4
A new beginning
for all you 99ers?

A new beginning.



Play Unreal Tournament

Play Unreal Tournament



Unreal Tournament Pre Alpha Season ends October. Two more weeks!

What to do?

  1. Die hard 99ers get the new UT here. Join a couple games so you get a feel for Unreal Engine 4.
  2. Now let Epic know, what you think they should keep in mind when developing your game.



Sample Control Settings

Better (not quite best) practice of flat design of Sample Control Settings



What is Unreal Engine, Unreal Tournament, UT99 and the German Unreal Team?

Unreal Engine is the engine, the core code and technologic framework of many popular online games. The engine makes for a precise and responsive multiplayer gaming experience.

Unreal Tournament is perhaps better known as UT99 because of its successors, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004.

It is a first-person shooter video game, co-developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes.

During 2015 Epic Games Studio sees a tactical advantage in collaborating. Epic attempts to have developers, designers and gamers co-design Unreal Tournament. It’s a back to the roots effort together with Epic Games Studio.



Giant Map Clan (GMC)

UT99 is the insiders (90ers) name of the game, which was made popular by fellow American Hoser under his GMC moniker, an association to unify 99ers from all over the world. Fragmentation began to hurt the general dynamics and decreased the number of once flourishing clans and mapmakers around the globe.

Unreal Team is todays longest lasting, most popular Germany based team (they insist on not being a clan) led by the legendary top player Zeissel. Unreal Team hosts the largest and most reliable server base and is where to go to play UR99. With a difference, we play giant maps exclusively, a model version of the original Unreal Engine. It allows for a very fast paced game in a more 3-dimensional setting with gravity reduced and focus on skillfulness rather than visual effects.



Registrieren und an der Gestaltung teilnehmen

Register and get involved with the design



What’s good about Engine 4

  • I finally got to play it on a MacBook Air from 2014 (1.7GHz Intel Core i7, 8GB Memory, Intel HD graphic card 500 1536MB) and I am convinced, it may well be as responsive as was UT99, it feels different because of the settings can’t be configured as low gravity, increased jump capability and further distance throws of the translocator.
  • Installation went smooth with an interface both effizient and elegant supported by a modern day website accepting the global standard.
  • Epic acts responsive toward the community of users and developers. The design is adaptive toward the requirements of our time. Flat, reduced, clean and okay usability.
  • The dynamics of a bundled studio, developer, designer, user approach promises increased momentum. Recruitment of new players and the return of former players of defunct clans will make for that momentum as long as the tools are in place and are being improved continuously. Epic has already become a provider with utility needed for the alpha launch early this year.
  • The challenge now is on the clans to from, reform and beginn to work with the tools given. But first let Epic know your needs and what you are wishing for!
  • A challenge especially for administrators and clan leaders to mobilise and provide their clans with the tools needed. Clan leaders may make an effort to get in touch with their peers. While administrators may want to replace there outdated bulletin boards with today’s blog systems and readily available forum plugins.





Yes to sports attitude - No to military attributes

Klares Ja zu sportiver Attitüde – Entschiedenes Nein zu Militärattributen



What can be optimised and what is sub-optimal

  • Overload. Good design is removal. I finally got Unreal to run on a well equipped MacBook Air from last year. Playing the game made the vent rotate and generate noise, even though the alpha game at this stage carries less of a load than what to expect from the final version. Textures and lighting effects are still under development. With my Mini Mac from early 2009 (2,26GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 4GB 1067 MHz memory, NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256 MB) I can’t get the game to run.
  • Epic still seems to believe, that kids want to play war games. Wrong. Gamers want to show off their skills. They are digital athletes . and a sweat shirt and sweat pants are more appropriate for the characters than army gear. A competition for best sports gear and fashion is in place. An attempt to get the game off the German index.
  • Epic, don’T get stuck half way. All eyes and energies on the development for the early 21. Century. Who says Unreal players wish to be warriors? They want to be athletes. It’s a multi user family game, get it straight in your demographical research. Some just want to take a short break and get their heads emptied preferably in Instagib sports arenas or multiplayer giant maps with hide outs .
  • Epic has already taken on the role of an enabler and continuously stay in perpetual beta mode.
  • Epic must remain a leader listening to their gaming communcities and provide the tools, so clans can commit and create maps and avatars of their own. The map maker is essential. Make it a best practice usability case study accessible to popular operating systems including the new iPad.

  • Still fewer emphasis on weapons. More emphasis on translocator. Respawn instead of deadly drama. Help get the game off of the German index.
  • Sport arenas or rooms we are familiar with from our childhood days, playgrounds from familiar surroundings instead of dark war sceneries.



7 things Epic need to hear from you here

  1. Find answers in kicking stuff not adding stuff.
  2. A leaner game! Remove overload. Keep game simple responsive and fast.
  3. Engine 4 most be more responsive than the original engine not less.
  4. Continuous improvement of intuitiv map maker. Perhaps make it available as OS independent web application.
  5. An option for low gravity settings.
  6. Keep 99 translator functionality.
  7. Don’t make players drag their feet. Keep dodging at what it was.




Way to go Epic, many thanks, and the best you gamers can do now

Go thank Epic and let them know
what you think on the forum they set up for you!



Epic Games logo

Unreal Tournament (Find help instructions in the menu)







A mouse to arouse

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EXCLUSIVE: Why Apple Is Still Sweating the Details on iMac



Aside from fear of poverty, my greatest German Angst is the fear of an end of the desktop revolution. Today’s inside story on Apple’s new iMacs, Steven Levy published on Medium, comes as a relief.

Read in full by Steven Levy.

Apple’s standalone keyboard, trackpad, and mouse just got a lot better
By Jacob Kastrenakes



What the new NY.gov taught us about service

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Since its launch a year ago, NY.gov doubled its unique users and quadrupled pageviews and mobile traffic.

Since its launch a year ago, NY.gov doubled its unique users and quadrupled pageviews and mobile traffic.



What worked, what didn’t & what’s next


  1. The future of digital government is mobile.
  2. Service reigns supreme.
  3. Connect emotionally.
  4. Good design means taking away.
  5. Never stop improving.
  6. Spread the love.


In two weeks, we’ll kick off our first-ever Agency Redesign Summit, where we’ll talk about the next phase of NY.gov: expanding our technology and design framework to the State’s 60+ agencies. We’ll be rolling out access to reusable web components, our universal navigation, the Drupal Content Management System, cloud hosting, the NY.gov content strategy, style guides, and much more. It’s a new age for State government, and the team can’t wait to embark on this next milestone for digital service design in New York.

Read in full by Rachel Haot on medium.



Authentic is not a look

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Elon Musk gives tour for President Barack Obama by Bill Ingalls

Musk and President Barack Obama at the Falcon 9 launch site in 2010. Photography by Bill Ingalls.



An authentic look and feel of your personal or business website can help fool the audience into trusting you as a person or business to be authentic. Same goes for images or key visuals you claim as yours. Make your imagery feel like a snapshot of a documentary and you will come across as authentic.

Authenticity is more reliably reflected by what you do than by how something looks.

Authenticity can be produced and reproduced by making it feel like a documentary or news report. Something that advertising professionals have been making use of in the old world and more recently during the content fury- the content apocalypse we are witnessing in 2015.

This remains a constant from the old to the new world, we have entered. It can be hard to tell friend from foe. Fake from real. Fiction from fact.

Be it by 9/11, the wake of the post-digital age or simply by moving from 20th century into the 21st century, many such tricks work as they did in the old days.Think Big by Marc Johns

Think Big by Marc Johns



An image is worth a thousand words

As each of us lives comfortably in their own personal bubble, their belief system, these bubbles tend to burst when colliding with each other or when being exposed to reality, the bubble of a seemingly larger than life institution, organisation, society, club or brotherhood.

Authentic is what we agree on to be conforming to reality and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief.

What we do can be accepted as being authentic. It will however have to stand the test of time. With his early explanation on the difference between a website and a blog, Thomas Mahon wraps it up brilliantly for all you marketers and entrepreneurs:


The main difference I think—between a blog and a website—it took me a little time to discern it. Apart from the obvious we know how they look and how they work. But basically a website is an image and that’s open to the same problems that we all want a good image. So often we tell a half truth and like to dress it up a little bit. But a blog to be successful has to be a—reflection, a true reflection. And if you look at the dictionary, there are big differences between image and reflection. And of course you gotta speak the truth in reflections. There is nothing being hidden and people see that about you and it shows.

Tom Mahon on the difference between a website and a blog



Christopher McCandless

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Selfie by Christopher McCandless

August 1992, Christopher McCandless selfie for his parents to help them find comfort.



Deserted Bus 142 nearby George Parks Highway, where McCandles decomposing body was found on Sept 6 1992 by moose hunters.

Deserted Bus 142 nearby George Parks Highway, where McCandles decomposing body was found on Sept 6 1992 by moose hunters.



Diet 142 and the riddle over McCandless' death.

Diet 142 and the riddle over McCandless' death.



AT AGE 25, Christopher McCandless had himself get dropped off in the North American wilderness, to explore solitude and a life without society. Only four months later his decomposing body was found.



“Happiness is real when shared”

Supertramp’s popular quote was mistaken for the better in the German version of the PBS documentary, I watched the other day. They replaced happiness with life.

Today we live our lives in media and life is real when shared.



Read in full by Jon Krakauer.



Color in advertising and web

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The missing dashboard from WasteMatch’s engine

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bb logo




Websites that are engines
require a dashboard, no?

Twitpic @NYCSanitation



NYC WasteMatch is an heroic idea by New York sanitation to help reduce waste by offering a free commercial materials exchange to the city’s businesses.

One party profits by having a way to securely dispose of their office material and make way for new supplies – the other profits from much needed equipment for their start-up or small business with materials from furniture to office supplies.

NYC WasteMatch is a rudimentary grass root Web1.0 type site which is far better than overbearing Web2.0 type sites featuring parallactic scrolling thereby making things more complicated than need be.

It’s existence is owed to the able collaboration of the NYC Center for Materials Reuse, the Department of Sanitation and the City College of New York. The sites straight forward functionality is owed to Norm Rutton’s iWasteNot Systems. That too is a good thing, open source reused objects are dominant drivers in the digital space.



Imitation recommended

City organisations around the globe, all eyes on NYC WasteMatch.




This proposition is of general nature. It asks to consider integration of two vital web objects for public services sites:

  1. CSS to be embedded as open source responsive theme and its distribution by iWasteNot- and Waste Match Systems (wordpress theme plugin directory).
  2. Dynamic real-time visual data chart to be considered as part of the theme.



percentage exchange rate real time chart

Real time display of what may motivate participating parties most

percent decrease in commercial waste real time  chart

All data needed for real time display of numbers and calculation is generated by the site. There are themes off-the-shelves out there that make use of the data.



Theme based design ads elegance to core functionality, and every engine needs a dashboard

Public service sites provide win-win opportunities to citizens and government agencies. Building it also offers a perfect situations to strengthen and sharpen the public organisation’s brand. With every action taken by the user confidence grows in the competence and usefulness of the agency.



theme based mobile first ,responsive WasteMatch.com

A quick mock-up to demonstrate how inherent functionality gets paired with elegance. While branding is being refocused and sharpened around the user expierience.




bb logo

Come end of March,
is open for business.