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How did McCANN’s Mastercard claim get into this Swisscom ad by Heimat?

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Swisscom Snow Tweets

Snow Tweets in support of competitors at this year’s
FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.





Swisscom ad
In a way, it’s a smaller-scale version of Hyundai’s “A Message to Space”. Robotic snow-blowers carved out a specially designed font and single-line artwork in the powder. The messages were drawn from fan submissions via Twitter. A slope equivalent to 16 football fields in the Engadin Alps near St. Moritz, is visible from up to two miles away. The last word in this commercial have gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medal winner Wendy Holdener. And Mastercard with: “priceless”.



Knowing that all those people
stand behind you is priceless.

. Read in fullby Gabriel Beltrone


Swisscom ad


How did she get there

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get there
Caroline Hugall set up a platform on Squarespace to deliver weekly insights from inspiring women in media, communications and arts.Heidi Hackemer:Founder, Wolf & Wilhelmine



get there



Are you still an effective team?

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A well done product documentary in the otherwise substandard context of the German web


Yes we are.

User created content: Dans le lagon a mayotte. Christophe et Sylvie , 48 years – France Uploaded 05/05/15.



After another bright sunny day in Southern Bavaria, a tv ad caught me by surprise. The ad introduced a never before to be seen product that was perfectly placed behind a blue sky day indicating that summer is here to stay.

The ad made me think, someone found a way to breath under water.
Its web page documents the product rather well in an otherwise disappointing context of the German web. I took it for granted that this was a German product and learned that it was French. Decathlon is a French company, dedicated to innovation (organising hackathons…) and innovative sport brands.



Easybreath Tribord

Easybreath Tribord



The power of product

What this shows us is the importance and power of product and product documentary. Neither the introductory ad nor the web page is by any means outstanding or even outrageous. It’s new and that alone is magic. You need not be outrageous or super duper as long as your product is new or introduces a never to be heard idea into a particular context. Enough said.
See the product documentary









The Art of a Political Revolution

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HVW8 Gallery and Bernie Sanders 2016 have united, kicking off the traveling exhibit in Los Angeles (views photos), then Austin earlier this year, “The Art of a Political Revolution” is a touring exhibition featuring both artists and musicians seeking to inspire change throughout the nation. Future exhibitions and locations include Boston. MA; and New York City, NY.



On exhibition Feb 20, 21ST, 11AM-7PM

Artists for Bernie Sanders

On a side note, I witnessed user created content work beautifully to the benefit of The Decemberists and their followers at an early stage of their web presence. A great commercial use was demonstrated by Burberry’s “The Art of the Trench”.


political revolution