At age 5½ Medium moves on with ⅓ less staff

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Long copy reader/writer community service
with user generated content Illustration: ©Ernie Bushmiller

Reader/writer community service
with user generated content
Illustration: ©Ernie Bushmiller



For 5 ½ years Ev Williams has been the talk of the town with his medium publication. Medium offers authors the most elegant and manageable word processing on the Internet. Inclusive of publicizing and distributing the content.

With 60M readers per month, Medium is a rider in the storm of the recent wave of aggregators. With power and influence owed to those 60M readers and writers.

Thus far 2016 has been the year with the largest momentum for Medium. The Washington Post, even our US government use medium for promotional publications.

EV Williams reported that medium’s advertisement offering is dangerously softening the original basic idea. And that they must renew Medium’s focus. They are set on a suitable basic business model that isn’t detrimental to their basic idea. Offices in New York and Washington D.C. were closed and 50 employees were let go.


Renewing Medium's focus3 min read by Ev Williams





Now what?!

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Just make it verrückt






Twit Pic

tampered with twit pic



Now what?!
Typographers exhale. Two most obvious changes in typographic tendencies are:



All caps for headlines.
Serif type replaces sans serif type.



Google sans serif

Remember this recent blunder?



Googel serif

And what beauty it used to be?





Returning tendencies in design

Authorative replaces beating around the bush. Most modern tendencies you contemporary media designers are wishing for or take for granted are being confirmed though. “Simplicity”, “directness”, “readability” and “ease of use”.

We will see if and how “responsive”, “accessible” or “transparent” will keep up. Responsive OS should have top priority with any business minded person. By all means.

That said the design tendencies closely resemble or even match those of start-ups.



European designers knock it out and finally follow or supersede international standards

The presidency of Donald Trump may have the ring of a wake up call for European designers.
Listen to what the people want from you as a designer and disregard some of what award shows, trade magazines and experts want you to believe.



Panic response by Munich radio station



(c)Die Zeit

The real thing
Panic response by German high brow newspaper “Die Zeit”
presents its images in danger red.


Now what?!



Tears Of Llorona

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Llorona Tequila

Glad to see a digital campaign in the format of classic print.



Tears of Llorona
Jeff Goodby, famous for milk, is hitting the harder stuff with his own tequila brand.
The making of Tears of Llorona,and the value of creative outlets by Tim Nudd



Tears Of Llorona



Google Fonts genius new site

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Everything gets a redesign



Google Fonts neugestaltet

Google Fonts impeccable redesign



Google Fonts



Iconic typeface of The New Yorker Magazine

Iconic typeface of The New Yorker Magazine



The right choice of a typeface to fit your brand’s behavior will contribute to your website’s uniqueness. The iconic typography of the New Yorker Magazin has demonstrated this to be true for as long as I live.

Find a fitting font among the 800 open-source font families you can license without cost for online use. Using Google Fonts has always been the easiest to use of available options. Now selecting a font has become even easier with the impeccable new interface design.

See Mark Wilson’s entry on Co.Design. Visit new siteGo to Google Fonts



Google Fonts



This’ll look nice when its framed

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Unlike Banksy’s work, which can be discovered elsewhere on urban walls and objects, web content always gets displayed within the frame of a physical device. Be it your cell phone, your tablet or your desktop monitor.

Web designers have come to accept that adding frames to their website design is a notorious redundant and silly act. Digital content by default lives on displays framed by physical devices.



Source Apple and Forrester

Looks and feels

Source Apple


Looks and feels

Source Forrester Research


Even with frames removed from site design, navigation bars, header background images and boxed elements now contribute to cluttered web design.



Should you, as a designer want to do some good, try focus on both content and its context. Never one without the other. Add white space, and match the brand’s character and behavior with a distinctive, fitting webfont. Concentrate more on what helps reflect the brand’s opinion. Opinionate with fitting fonts.






I need a guide

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Xue Ruozhe, Rafael Ochoa

Xue Ruozhe                                          Rafael Ochoa



I need a guide
With a bias toward New Objectivity (German: Neue Sachlichkeit) this site is eye candy for its visitors. It offers guidance on your search for truth and beauty. The works of Rafael Ochoa and Xue Ruozhe caught my attention. Let a simple pull down with categories guide you: architecture, design , paintings , music , illustrations , installation

What the site doesn’t tell you is always of interest for media designers. No source. No “about us”, no privacy statement, no disclaimer, no contact…



New objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit) is a means to imply a turn towards practical engagement with the world—an all-business attitude, understood by Germans as intrinsically American: “The Neue Sachlichkeit is Americanism, cult of the objective, the hard fact, the predilection for functional work, professional conscientiousness, and usefulness.

Visit the site


I need a guide





A pointer to the precarious state of logo design

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Three weeks ago the Metropolitan Museum of Art—known colloquially and now formally as “the Met”—unveiled a new logo and identity system designed by the international firm Wolff Olins. The response from critics was swift and fierce. Such was the case with Google, Airbnb, Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo, the Olympics, and the rebrand that (arguably) sparked incendiary “logogate” culture: Gap.



With progressive democratization people consider their say a given and buck against being confronted with accomplished facts. Understandably an act of defiance. Why should it be any different with design enthusiasts? Praise the community for getting involved. There may be a better way to cope with to be continued logo bashing within the design community though. Young entrepreneurs have long wrapped their minds around the issue and are aware it to be of their benefit to take people along on their journey from the very start of development.

It’s best practice even when for tactical use, ie. to give stakeholders a chance to air their concerns, get it of their chest. In return you can learn from their behavior and better address these concerns. Best practice for community concerns large and small. Siegel+Gale’s Belk is sport on with everything said in this FastCoDesign article.

Lately we’ve been more impressed with logo design from unknown newcomers than from dedicated design firms and we’ve been more impressed with branding of some developers work or theme developer than from dedicated design firms. Developers design has outpaced that of designers.

These guys1 have a way with words, add just the right images and wrap’s up in a mighty fine website.

Oh, and yes to look alikes and looking alike. Yes to August and Nest—to look very similar. What should be so horrible with adapting ourselves to each other?Read in full by Diana Budds


logo design


Jade Schulz’s drop cap series

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Jade Schulz's drop cap "A"




Jade Schulz's drop cap "B"




Jade Schulz's drop cap "E"




Jade Schulz's drop cap "C"




Jade Schulz's drop cap "I"




Daily Drop Caps Made out of Video Vixens by Illustrator Jade Schulz



A logo stands out in midst of bad logo redesign

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David Beckham Logo

Subtraction is often more effective than additions.



At age 84 legendary ad man George Lois Is still at It



George Lois the American icon in graphic design has clear words in the face of political correctness.

I have a fitting logo to show off in midst of bad logo redesign. That of David Beckham.

Those of you who hate it, can refer to it, by picking up a running joke by Peteski: “Someone please shoot me”.

For those of you who love it, it may be shared as best practice. You don’t have to guess what it stands for. It says David Beckham in capital letters. The cut out of what you may associate with a Lois Logossoccer-goal-hole, makes it more memorable.

Every so often it is more effective to subtract than to add layers. Added layers rarely are of relevance but common practice of many insecure brands. Some brands keep adding. A practice more often than not to the effect of subtracting rather than adding value.Read in full by Florian Bachleda






Pointer to the 3 rules Rob Hope lives by

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Photo by Rudi Geyser from our recent Namibia mission

Photo by Rudi Geyser from our recent Namibia mission



Read in full on Medium



Rob Hope is a surfer and developer of one page web solutions. One Page Love has made him widely popular with developers and beyond.

He wants to be a sucker at being transparent and clear about what he does. Currl is his latests innovation. He comes second to Derek Sivers, in being in touch with users.



Ernstfried Prade - 1979 Pan Am World Cup Hawaii

Ernstfried Prade – 1979 Pan Am World Cup Hawaii



When I pitched Mistral and tried to convince Ernstfried Prade of making use of global web standards, and a mobile first approach to bring outdoors connectivity to SUP surfers, it was obvious for me to ask Cape Town surfer and developer Rob Hope for help.