Slanted truth well told in stripped down ad

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Droga5 minimalist truth billboard for the NYTimes

Droga5’s abgespeckte Plakatwerbung für die NYTimes



Truth. NYTimes



Truth. NYTimes





slanted truth
What’s true about the truth is that no one can stand it. We hate it. True is we live our lives in media. According to our President, much of media is fake news and alternative facts.

1The tense political climate in the U.S., and the Trump administration’s high-profile attacks on the media, have put many media outlets in the spotlight—which makes this a propitious time for brand messaging emphasizing the importance of quality journalism.



Sunday morning reaction



The campaign includes a 30-second spot that will air on the Academy Awards on Feb. 26 (where such ad slots are going for up to $2.5 million). The spot features audio of people debating politics, while on-screen text finishes the sentence “The truth is…” in various ways.Read in fullby Tim Nudd


slanted truth



A touch of fahionable Nazi romanticism in German McDonalds ad

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“I Love It.”





fahionable Nazi romanticism Fisch
“You migratory birds1 in the air,
in the ether, in the sunny scent,.
in blue sky waves,.
I greet you as a journeyman!
I’m also a keen hiker
a fresh breath of life I am carried by
and my song gift
is my dearest belongings.”

—Otto Roquette



fahionable Nazi romanticism



Resilience in an ad space dominated by digital

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Stronghold resilience on German tv: Carglass and Fielmann glasses

Long standing resilience on German tv: Carglass and Fielmann glasses



German commercial television air time is dominated by digital brands, products and services. For at least two years in a row and long enough to leave an impression. Conventional household brand names have come close to become extinct.

But wait a minute, there are two contenders that seem resilient toward the epidemic spread of new technology driven businesses.

Fielmann glasses, with stores throughout the counties runs a high and dry testimonial campaign ending in the briefest possible message in white letters on a black background: Glasses: Fielmann.
You can’t be more to the point than that.

The other is Carglass, a repair franchise for damaged car glass with a campagin that reminds me of advertisements you see on local tv in the US heartland.

Both campaigns have been running long enough at a frequency to insure excellent sales quotes.



Glasses: Fielmann ad in original language



A take on an international Carglass ad
(does not represent a typical hard selling ad, carglass is known for)






Spoonerism in new classic advertising

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Kiss caramel, with nobility a taste perceived exeptionally well.

Kiss caramel, with nobility a taste perceived exeptionally well.





Das Duell (the shoot out)


For the introduction of their caramel kisses, Ferrero won’t place their bets on 15 or 30 second tv ads. A 5 second tvc should do.

Ferrero Kisses have long made a name for themselves. Here’s what some genius figured. More attention for less (content) works wonders with consumers struggling with information overload. 30 seconds of product explanation or a memorable fun line presented in 5 second slots, you do the math.

The launch of their 5 second tv campaign got my attention and had me laugh out loud. Hit the button for many more one liners rhyming on caramel. Some German language knowledge required.More spoonerismin German language






Speak English like you’ve always wanted to

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It would be rude not to.

It would be rude not to.



World-class global campaign





like you’ve always wanted to
A no less welcome distraction from the great bustle to Trump.



like you’ve always wanted to



Speak the language like you’ve always wanted to

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Now you can, speak the language like you've always wanted to. No Trump pun intended.

Speak the language like you’ve always wanted to.
Now you can.
No Trump pun intended.



World-class global campaign





Speak the language
Are you receiving tired Trump jokes by best friends in your inbox? What a relief to be uplifted by this global campagin for learning language app Babbel by W+K London. It succeeds in spreading much appreciated humor to remote corners such as Germany, knee deep in serious carnival.



Speak the language



Go back home

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Anheuser Busch

“You don’t look like you’re from around here”

A wave of immigrant tales can make a difference.





“An Immigrant’s Tale”

Super Bowl 2017

Super Bowl Ad







back home
It doesn’t take guts but brains to make use of inverted psychology. And help remind rural counties to please get back with the program. Not that what I perceive as either a subtle political, or as a cynical statement was intended though:
Read in fullby E.J. Schultz



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The business of truth

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“The business of truth in a past when insincerity and trickery were expected.”

truth well told - 1912







Zach McDonald & Koen Malfait

McCann New York

Daniel Eskils

Truth is a tool
a precise and wreckless apparatus
that creates something meaningful and relevant
where there was nothing of consequence before

This is the truth
we opened our business in 1912
a small office in New York City
Back then there were no true standards in the advertising business
No ethics, no poetry, no heart
Insincerety and trickery where expected

We founded the McCANN company as an antidote
an experiment to see what would happen
when we place truth and storytelling above all else






Expert summit

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Jochen Schweizer unter Experten

Jochen Schweizer among experts





“Experts are in agreement over the greater value experiences offer”

Experten Wissen

Expert knowledge





expert summit



expert summit



‘How Do You Xmas’

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Doing Christmas with your childhood friend Stingray

Doing Christmas with your childhood friend
(UT player Stingray in my case)





“It’s Christmas Mommy. Wake up!”

Wake up mommy. It's Christmas.




Music supervision

How do you xmas



How do you xmas