Stay sick. Get blue.

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Stay sick - Get blue

Twin sister trades and talents



One got away with murder, now ready to publish book two of the Micanopy Murders. The other sis, has singed fingers and a threefold of crowds to please with pretty much one and the same craft and connected skill set. That of a certified millinery and proven custom & set designer under contract at a renown theatre in Linz, Austria.



Twin sister tumblrs

Twin sisters tumblrs


Feather. Death. Crown.
The work and investigation of Elizabeth Blue.


A new generation comic artist, she has returned to the early stage of comic art. Long before the Days of Marvel, when hand drawn lines got simplified and Hergé invented ligne claire with Tintin. Black and white pencil drawings from which to expect a new definition for comics in modern day story telling.


No more l'oiseaux qui rie

Elizabeth is a farmer’s wife in Oregon, USA.

Singed Fingers
Hats, sets and costumes by Dido Victoria


Dido attended millinery school near Hamburg. She got hired as apprentice at the lesser known of the two remaining millinery businesses in Berlin. Watch her singed fingers do delicate work and note the calm in her face and you know why she has chosen a kind of creative work near extinction.


the name is D-i-d-o

The name to remember is Dido


Brace – brace, we’re landing on the Hudson.

Both blogging sisters now have a responsive system going of their own. At no cost other than a short period per day to keep their diaries up to date.



Elizabeth's boar with a dash of Errol Flynn and Dido's Jan Delay collection

Elizabeth’s boar and Dido’s Jan Delay collection



Dido already has two inventions to show for. That of the riding hood or robin hood, which Kanye West may consider his next mask du jour. And the current inside-out hat collection, she calls “candy colours”. She may want to consider a more demanding name. A collection named after Jan Delay or Johnny Depp, who ever comes first to wear her hat.

Atlantic Press is publishing Elizabeth book two of the Micanopy Murders. A collaborative work with her amazing mentor and aunt Jamie-Lee got auctioned off at Sotheby’s in London. Cool, calm collectiveness: “I honestly don’t know why people get so worked up about a little murder. Tom Ripley”

Ripley Under Ground. Patricia Highsmith.




Stay sick. Get blue.

Most people are aware of what history class has taught them. History gets written by the victor.

It’s obvious that if you aim to claim victory, be the ones to write your history yourselves. Development is a friend and continuity takes on the hard work for you.

£12.49 GB including shipping





Never quit

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Never quit





Your playing small does not serve the world

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iPad created drawings

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Images created with iPad app, Paper by Daouna Jeong(@oura)

Images created with iPad app, Paper by Daouna Jeong(@oura)


Illustratror’s choose their tools wisely, whatever they feel most comfortable with and what serves them best with their aim.

Don’t omit the obvious though, technology aided tools may help with efficiency and now that the world goes mad about all tech, technology helps you getting noticed.

All eyes on context, your content lives and relates to the context its in. Listen hard to what the context is whispering in your ear.

All known illustrators seem to have known this at all times and they were never shy in using whatever is needed to help with increasing their work’s popularity. Be it associating yourself with your location, seasonal relevance or whatever seems to work at all times (think of Tomi Ungerer and Sex and obscenities come to mind).

Paper for the iPad by FiftyThree is great for sharing your work even during the process of creation.


Read on.





On the future of knowledge transfer

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MA.TT art

Source: ma.tt


“WordPress has grown up. It’s not really about blogging anymore, it has moved on to be about websites, a content management system and all sorts of amazing things. I see the future of WordPress as operating system for the web.”

John O’Nolan, Founder of Ghost, dedicated blogging platform.




Pointers via newsletter by Neil Perkin.



Keeping the numbers in the blacks with help of potato printing

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Hand-stamped brand cup at Munich's Ha&Ma coffee shop

Hand-stamped brand cup at Munich’s Ha&Ma coffee shop


Munich’s littlelest coffee shop is setting its own standard with ‘only the necessities’

Gerda, Andi, Corinna and foodblogger Petra know that there is no money made with serving gourmet food at affordable prices.

  1. To make a small profit for Ha&Ma, lots of coffee must be sold.
  2. A single killer favourite will eventually evolve from the variety of daily fresh made food offerings, often served upon individually placed order and receive the teams full attention.
  3. An embarrassingly profane combination such as coffee and croissant, by which both must be of a unique, unheard of quality. Their Tramezzini or Naans are current contenders.


Ha&Ma Coffee has already earned a reputation in the Schwabing neighborhood nearby TUM, the entrepreneurial university. TUM entrepreneurs are welcome.


Hammerstein & Maier


Faltblatt mit Ladenansicht

Flyer incl. shop view

Ha&Ma Faltblatt

Ha&Ma direct mail

Potato printing as you may remember it from your childhood, is not so much a money saver as it is fun, says Gerda, the fun woman behind the counter with a twinkle in her eyes, as it is to become a symbol for resilience and strength Ha&Ma has built into its products and is what loyal customers take home from visiting the shop.

But that’s a mouthful and I stop here.
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Shola Ama

Coexist The xx Photo: Jamie-James Medina via Popmatters.


Making a profit in the vapor of time

When the product must be surprising and exciting, its advertising must come as a surprise and be exciting.

Like love, advertising moves in mysterious ways.

The xx are Oliver Sim, Romy Madley Croft and Jamie Smith.

Since their debut album 3 years ago, they have been heralded as the greatest pop phanomena in late music industry.

Learn here how the three had their second album premiered through a single fan..

Why the WOM experiment worked out so well, is what the adored reader and I are trying to get our hands around in this post.

Been there, seen it, but I wouldn’t have dreamed to strike it rich.


Coexist: Being one of many

Perhaps the biggest surprise with the London band (The xx) is—the difference is, that they don’t make a difference.

They do what everyone does.

The band shares what they like on their tumblr.

Fantastic insights of the band’s orientation surrendered.

Who is willing to give, gets some in return.


The xx are waving at the machines

Waving at machines was coined by James Bridle, with empathy for spambots und webcrawlers and his attempt to help define a new aesthetic.

Oliver Sim, Romy Madley Croft und Jamie Smith knew exactly, who to send the URL of their Coexist website.

  1. For being so decisive they must have been waving at the machines, and be experienced in maintaining their web presence to a degree of digging into analytics. They selected a fan who had busied him or herself with listening to their music for a good hour and the band has been aware of that.
  2. The XL record label headed by Adam Farrell, made arrangements with Microsoft to implement visualisation of their WOM experiment inspired by Aaron Koblin to demonstrate data development in real time.
  3. A day prior to the US realease of the album, xx made it onto the homepage of Reddit, which fans arranged for.



Kevin Holesh Special

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Kevin Holesh likes usability and I like Kevin for his skill set and prompt delivery


Laughing all the way to the bank

Today money is of little concern or importance, doing is.

At the beginning of the week Kevin helped set up a tumblr theme design for a good friend of mine on minimal brief.

No big deal executed at minimal effort and cost for both, contractee and contractor.


What triggered new found trust in a stranger’s work?

With pressing projects lined up for completion:

  1. Skill set: credible credentials.
  2. Reason to believe: I love Usability


Kevin Holesh on Notable. Get the iPhone apps here


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Elizabethan Days in Eugene, OR

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Daughter Elizabeth has returned to the US of A and reunited with hubby Doug to live in a small grey house in Eugene, Oregon not far from Seattle

grey house


Visiting deer and Mango the cat, in front yard

Watch the video on facebook

via liz on Facebook


I may not see you again

via mudwerks via polarbearprince, illustration by Engin Yazilan.

‘Roscoe’ by Midlake


Excerpt from Valley View Farm No.2 (Flabby Dagger)

Featured on Flabby Dagger




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Image is everything

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Drawing of the day: Jacques Cousteau
courtesy Patrick Moberg. All rights reserved





I too keep waking up as though haunted by a recurring bad dream from the past, that of image being everything.


7 things any brand or person in the communication industry can do to salvage theirs:


  1. steal the best use case and ask, can it be modified

  3. always stay ahead of the game with ideas that do

  5. while everyone is doing conversations do a campaign

  7. if in business to business make yourself understood by the general public

  9. don’t let the truth get in the way of success

  11. return with a solution if you don’t have an immediate answer

  13. stand on long legs if you want to go pee with the big dogs




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