“Maybe that’s the beauty of technology…”

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“…that it makes the world so much more democratic, that people can have an opinion and decide if they like something or not, rather than relying on the judgement of a small group. It’s an interesting phenomenon in design, because you have to create in a way that works on the screen, and is attractive to the masses. So, these days, do you have to be a little less extreme, because you have to be liked by more people?”

The man who said that is the digitally-averse Alber Elbaz, creative director of Lanvin in an terribly insightful interview for AnOther, texted by Susanna Lau.

He once famously said that he doesn’t own a computer.

Rather than damning the digital age, Elbaz is probing into the way that technology impacts the way that we interact with fashion.



Alber Elbaz with intriguing insights on fashion & despair¹ in the digital age.

Courtesy of Lanvin via



“In this digital age, we live through our screens, documenting the moment. We no longer look; we film. We no longer listen; we tape. And we no longer talk; we post.”



Fashion & Despair1

“Technology brings the dream to everyone: you can be deep inside middle America, but you can see what is happening in Paris. But there’s nothing wrong with not knowing everything when you’re 16; you don’t need to be all over the world, you need to keep some dreams for yourself because that’s what keeps you moving. When I interview people who have graduated from the best schools in the world, and who live in the most urban cities… they’ve seen it all, they know it all. Then I might interview someone who hasn’t come from the most affluent place, but they have a dream. That is the drive. The dream, the drive and the desire are a part of fashion, too.”



Read in full by Susann Lau.







Your forever private sanctuary

Just like Elbaz trusts that what we keep to ourselves keeps us moving, I place my bets on search engines, algorithms and finally privately owned and run blogs to keep the knowledge transfer going and social mischief—both economical or political down.

It may be of comfort for you to know that search engines and algorithms can’t get the best of you. The data collected is the data you leave behind and sure enough what you leave behind is the perception you want people to have from you.

Besides you can comfortably rely on irrational man. He will always keep to himself and often err. What irrational man keeps to himself was never meant for the public nor is it particularely well known to himself. Irrational man does not know all to well what he is moved by.

Neither search engines nor algorithms can read your subconsciousness—can you? Supposedly your subconsciousness knows long before you know, which decision you will make and which path you will take. A much overlooked fact of some relief.




Next up: The most overlooked fact on how digital dissolves in mass behaviour




The local down-home brand that takes off globally

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Everything gets redesigned



Our/Vodka London Distillery

Our/London distilled in London



The peculiar case of the global, local brand

Our/Vodka wird jeweils in Detroit, London, Berlin, Amsterdam und Seattle mit lokalen Mitteln destilliert und gehandhabt und mit den betreffenden Städtenamen gekennzeichnet.



Unser: die nomadische Marke bleibt bodenständig und hebt denoch ab

Our: the nomadic brand is a collaboration of locally handled, home-down city brands distilling vodka with the same recipe but locally sourced ingredients.





The brand film



The brand story



This is great. A case study that lends new meaning to scalability and franchising. A global vodka, owned by Pernod Ricard Company can be found in ten cities worldwide. The recipe stays the same, but locally sourced ingredients ensure that each city’s drink is a collaborative product; interwoven with local characteristics and partnerships.

Read the case study by Kate Levin on Creative Pool. It’s built around an interview with the London partners Neil Chivers and Clive Watson. It makes the initial idea of “think globally act locally” feasible for businesses in our neighborhood. Why even the littlest corner store may find a twist to scale and collaborate. It demonstrates nicely, how the value chain is created and what measures need be taken to prevent drain in midst of liquid.








What I need now is a friend in Munich with experience in gastronomy and events who’d be interested in owning a distillery and wishes to be a member of Our/Vodka family. Peter WachaStefan Gabányi… Scheidegger folks… Charles Schuhmann.





John in support of Petra’s insight

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“Suddenly, there was an entire generation crying out for an evolved version of the things they were consuming as children.”

– Simon Pegg

Designing The Future – Metadesign For Murph



Petra, the iconic Munich food blogger1 had recently approached me with her insight of that most everything that comes our way through media these days, is pulling its relevance and strength from somewhere way back in time.

An enormous point for someone like myself who had missed out on demonstrating his project or career run through the official value chain.






Every trade has a value chain it’s practitioners got to run through:

  • Artists must exhibit at renown galleries and museums and preferably solo exhibits.
  • Writers must run through the value chain of critics and write ups of renown publications.
  • Musicians must run through the value chain of performances in renown clubs, concert halls and festivals.
  • Designers must run though the value chain of prestigious clients and award shows.






While this is true, the point we are getting at is of greater importance today with its dominating population of fifty-somethings and beyond. The vast majority is of age 50 or beyond and the ad industry is slowly getting there hands on the demographic change and hurries to plug in a couple rockers and punks in their ads. The change in demographics however requires political consequences by developing tools to help match old people with jobs old people may do better than young ones and help prevent senior poverty from spreading.



You are not as young as you feel but as old as you are

We all had our hay days back then some 30 years ago2. Many can still not realize and accept this to be what it is and trust their brains fooling them into being 10-30 years younger than what they are.

All friends from back then in Munich, Germany had their hay days in the early 1980s when punk finally hit the city of Munich. Many trust to be punks today. The things they did back then are valid today more so then what they do today.

This is why young John V. Willshire as a raconteur, hits such a chord with me, reverberating into a lovely ring of the bell tolling.

I know the sound of the bell tolling, it’s as familiar as the yardbirds sing but causes no relief.

What it does is make me want to follow into what everyone is doing these days, bring back a comeback as an evolved version of what we consumed as a child.

Have a listen to John Willshire.



A gastronomic audience with Gérard Depardieu

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Laurent Audiot and Gérard Depardieu at a watercress farm in Méréville, France Alastair Miller

Laurent Audiot and Gérard Depardieu at a watercress farm in Méréville, France Foto: Alastair Miller1



What Europe is watching is Gérard Depardieu feeding himself. At one point he rants against the globalisation and says: „Dinner shouldn’t come to us. We should go to dinner. When I want french food, I must travel to France – Not the other way around.”



Christ has risen

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Simplicisimius,issue1950/13 1



We are no knowledge society we are a service people

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Daniel Düsentrieb's Helferlein

Daniel Düsentrieb’s Helferlein1



Not only are businesses bothered by clever digital advisors: “We are now confronted with buzzwords such as industry 4.0, big data, digitalisation and internet of things on every single day – or should I say, harassed.” moans Frank Richter, chairman of Swiss Global Investment Group at the Cologne trade conference “Digitale Ethik”.

Read in full by Gunnar Sohn in German language.



Wachstums-Knacker (growth hacker)

Growth hacker2 (growth hacker)



Where are the European growth hackers?

Meaningful work is knowledge work. You don’t need to be a knowledge worker to find meaning. You might have heard that the industrialized world has shifted from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge economy, but this isn’t actually true. We work in a service economy, and that’s where the meaning lies.

In the U.S., nearly three of every ten employees are knowledge workers. This number pales in comparison to service workers, who represent about eight of every ten American employees. The service sector now accounts for almost two thirds of the world’s GDP—up from half in the 1980s—including about 80% of GDP in the U.S. and 73% in the EU.

Read in full by Adam Grant.



UT99 A new beginning with Unreal Engine 4?

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Unreal Engine 4
A new beginning
for all you 99ers?

A new beginning.



Play Unreal Tournament

Play Unreal Tournament



Unreal Tournament Pre Alpha Season ends October. Two more weeks!

What to do?

  1. Die hard 99ers get the new UT here. Join a couple games so you get a feel for Unreal Engine 4.
  2. Now let Epic know, what you think they should keep in mind when developing your game.



Sample Control Settings

Better (not quite best) practice of flat design of Sample Control Settings



What is Unreal Engine, Unreal Tournament, UT99 and the German Unreal Team?

Unreal Engine is the engine, the core code and technologic framework of many popular online games. The engine makes for a precise and responsive multiplayer gaming experience.

Unreal Tournament is perhaps better known as UT99 because of its successors, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004.

It is a first-person shooter video game, co-developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes.

During 2015 Epic Games Studio sees a tactical advantage in collaborating. Epic attempts to have developers, designers and gamers co-design Unreal Tournament. It’s a back to the roots effort together with Epic Games Studio.



Giant Map Clan (GMC)

UT99 is the insiders (90ers) name of the game, which was made popular by fellow American Hoser under his GMC moniker, an association to unify 99ers from all over the world. Fragmentation began to hurt the general dynamics and decreased the number of once flourishing clans and mapmakers around the globe.

Unreal Team is todays longest lasting, most popular Germany based team (they insist on not being a clan) led by the legendary top player Zeissel. Unreal Team hosts the largest and most reliable server base and is where to go to play UR99. With a difference, we play giant maps exclusively, a model version of the original Unreal Engine. It allows for a very fast paced game in a more 3-dimensional setting with gravity reduced and focus on skillfulness rather than visual effects.



Registrieren und an der Gestaltung teilnehmen

Register and get involved with the design



What’s good about Engine 4

  • I finally got to play it on a MacBook Air from 2014 (1.7GHz Intel Core i7, 8GB Memory, Intel HD graphic card 500 1536MB) and I am convinced, it may well be as responsive as was UT99, it feels different because of the settings can’t be configured as low gravity, increased jump capability and further distance throws of the translocator.
  • Installation went smooth with an interface both effizient and elegant supported by a modern day website accepting the global standard.
  • Epic acts responsive toward the community of users and developers. The design is adaptive toward the requirements of our time. Flat, reduced, clean and okay usability.
  • The dynamics of a bundled studio, developer, designer, user approach promises increased momentum. Recruitment of new players and the return of former players of defunct clans will make for that momentum as long as the tools are in place and are being improved continuously. Epic has already become a provider with utility needed for the alpha launch early this year.
  • The challenge now is on the clans to from, reform and beginn to work with the tools given. But first let Epic know your needs and what you are wishing for!
  • A challenge especially for administrators and clan leaders to mobilise and provide their clans with the tools needed. Clan leaders may make an effort to get in touch with their peers. While administrators may want to replace there outdated bulletin boards with today’s blog systems and readily available forum plugins.





Yes to sports attitude - No to military attributes

Klares Ja zu sportiver Attitüde – Entschiedenes Nein zu Militärattributen



What can be optimised and what is sub-optimal

  • Overload. Good design is removal. I finally got Unreal to run on a well equipped MacBook Air from last year. Playing the game made the vent rotate and generate noise, even though the alpha game at this stage carries less of a load than what to expect from the final version. Textures and lighting effects are still under development. With my Mini Mac from early 2009 (2,26GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 4GB 1067 MHz memory, NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256 MB) I can’t get the game to run.
  • Epic still seems to believe, that kids want to play war games. Wrong. Gamers want to show off their skills. They are digital athletes . and a sweat shirt and sweat pants are more appropriate for the characters than army gear. A competition for best sports gear and fashion is in place. An attempt to get the game off the German index.
  • Epic, don’T get stuck half way. All eyes and energies on the development for the early 21. Century. Who says Unreal players wish to be warriors? They want to be athletes. It’s a multi user family game, get it straight in your demographical research. Some just want to take a short break and get their heads emptied preferably in Instagib sports arenas or multiplayer giant maps with hide outs .
  • Epic has already taken on the role of an enabler and continuously stay in perpetual beta mode.
  • Epic must remain a leader listening to their gaming communcities and provide the tools, so clans can commit and create maps and avatars of their own. The map maker is essential. Make it a best practice usability case study accessible to popular operating systems including the new iPad.

  • Still fewer emphasis on weapons. More emphasis on translocator. Respawn instead of deadly drama. Help get the game off of the German index.
  • Sport arenas or rooms we are familiar with from our childhood days, playgrounds from familiar surroundings instead of dark war sceneries.



7 things Epic need to hear from you here

  1. Find answers in kicking stuff not adding stuff.
  2. A leaner game! Remove overload. Keep game simple responsive and fast.
  3. Engine 4 most be more responsive than the original engine not less.
  4. Continuous improvement of intuitiv map maker. Perhaps make it available as OS independent web application.
  5. An option for low gravity settings.
  6. Keep 99 translator functionality.
  7. Don’t make players drag their feet. Keep dodging at what it was.




Way to go Epic, many thanks, and the best you gamers can do now

Go thank Epic and let them know
what you think on the forum they set up for you!



Epic Games logo

Unreal Tournament (Find help instructions in the menu)







This changes everything

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Das ändert alles

Plakat zum Dokumentarfilm This changes everything


Run time

Avi Lewis
Naomi Klein
Naomi Klein, Vanessa Braided Hair, Crystal Lameman, Lliam Hildebrand, Li Bo, Chee Yoke Ling, Jyothi Aningi, Sunita Narain, Mary Christianou, Mike Scott
1 hour 29 minutes



A movie that has its effects even before viewing. I don’t even have to go and see it, since I love distraction from demands these times hold for us just like everyone else. No need to push me I am over the edge. The question being introduced come with its answer of tremendous value and impact.



What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?

More so, I would like to extend the question to Volkswagen, its bosses, consultants, employees, managers and agencies. Now that their reliability and reputation is put to the test, a once in a lifetime opportunity is being offered to bring German engineering back and confront the requirements the early 21. century holds. How switch mockery back to reliability? A marketing challenge worth mastermind’s time. Make the world crack up with laughter and astonishment.

Diesel and gasoline are but a swindle in the face of emerging environmental collapses not counting the current emission scandal. A huge scandal will be to further waste resources on gas or diesel driven motorcars and miss out on the obvious evolution, vital for the future economy [of Germany].






Referendum from the documentary



The diesel scandal is a license for a new beginning

German detail verse is the best prerequisite to revive German engineering with engineering electric motors, proving skills with the development of long-lived batteries and devising enabling algorithms.



Germany's beloved Leitz binder

Germany’s beloved Leitz binder with data moved to the net.





All content of Germany’s beloved Leitz binders belong on the web

What hasn’t come to a bad end under the leadership of Angela Merkel but has led to continuous record breaking news from Germany, is to thank a nation holding still. Now holding still and not doing anything will lead to unprecedented radical events. In turn radical activities are now required to confront the otherwise inevitable with nations united and progressive technological trust. What a small country like Letland can do can be done by larger countries as well. All energy on the development of algorithms to create useful connections. Germany’s largest database is supposedly that of the job bank. It holds data of German business looking for employees and local job seekers. With algorithms it should be capable of connecting job offers with job seekers and provide an interface to make the connection up to the point of an interview. The interview can also take place via Skype which is has been reported that refugees stay in touch with their families. Extend and refine this tool by the German unemployment agency to scale for all of Europe and you have a preventive measure for registration of refugees before trespassing.

I have worked with the German chancellors’ digital campaign team at the Konrad Adenauer house in Berlin and have rarely met a more capable or more adapt team in any of my fortune 500 business experience.

Demand screening for your town.

Order Naomi Klein’s book

Spiegel commentary by Armin Mahler in english.



Philosophical practice

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Thomas Palzer / The coming book

Nicolai Howalt / Courtesy Martin Asbæk, Edel Assanti Gallery & Bruce Silverstein Gallery.



The coming book is a website

A website that belongs on your bookshelf with a difference. While it doesn’t matter to the author if you read his book, as long as you have purchased it – it makes a world of difference to our author that you read his website.

Literature and philosophy are for a fastidious existence.

Thomas Palzer is an award winning German author, philosopher and film director. Palzer is best known for his elegant, fluid use of the German language. Frequent Pop Sunday radio shows for the Bayerischer Rundfunk contributed to his popularity. With regular columns on the topic of Zeitgeist Palzer is regarded as trustworthy.

You can order the cover motif by Nicolai Howalt as poster 39,4 x 27,6 Inches for $ 64 £41 + shipping here. The poster is beautifully printed on Gallery Art Matt, 200 g/m2. The poster is signed.
Printed in 2014 by Medicine Museion, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Do visit the website that belongs on your bookshelf.



14 years after

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9/11 2015

The New Yorker Sept. 24 2001 next to paintings by Michael Dumontier und Neil Farber



At my appointment yesterday, an official explained to me, that structures were gone. Structures developed to hold the workforce together. The boundaries that used to define wrong from right. With one person to look up to in any given hierarchy it was as easy as can be to navigate and move along with ones life.

What has worked for families or smaller units also worked for the larger society. Their government and businesses. Boundaries kept in place by laws. For the sake of the larger popularity that stayed within those boundaries. Life was a game with a defined theme¹, easy to play.

It went well until emerging technologies enabled insights. Insights into the fabric of such operations system. Public Confidence withdrawal was the result.

14 years after the collapse of the World Trade Center. The Iraq wars as a consequence led to today’s exodus of refugees in Europe. Life has become a game without a given theme. No more structures to depend on, yet hard to manage, fragmented markets.

An adaptive OS is replacing the former. More often without payment system at this early stage than with. More work places get destroyed than created by the new economy. Dependable on scalability and automation while growth is no longer an option. Orientation with long-term leadership and one person to look up to is on its way out. The world transforms from solid to fluid.

Few rare birds supersede their parent’s wellbeing with a new business model. But at large this is the first, second and soon third generation doing worse than their parents.

Old habits die hard. Especially in Europe. And Europe has ignored the call for transformation in these 14 years. Europeans will have to do away with self-imposed immaturity.

Immaturity is the inability to use ones minds without direction from the outside². Pressure to come from within and only from there.

More on this over the upcoming weekend.

¹Thomas Meinecke ²Immanuel Kant