State of the Digital Nation 2016

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Digital Nation



State of the Digital Nation 2016
A much recommended weekend lecture demands your full attention.

Bordering on a dissertation, Jules Erhardt’s report expands over 4 chapters. Prepare for unsettling insights covering 1︎⃣ Industry Perspective, 2︎⃣ Agency Perspective, 3︎⃣ New Perspective and 4︎⃣ Future Perspective.

Be warned though, none of this will necessarily be affirmative or have much of a calming effect on your weekend.
State of the Digital Nationby Jules Ehrhardt



State of the Digital Nation 2016




State of the Digital Nation 2016



The blog is dead

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 ©Hergé' Source:




R.I.P. The Blog


The blog is dead.

Fast Company



Blogging is dead, long live blogging

ONUR KABADAYI Wednesday 16 July 2014 12.28 BST
The Guardian



The blog is dead, long live the blog

JASON KOTTKE DEC. 19, 2013, 8:31 A.M.
Niemann Lab



The blog is dead
If journalism is now a process, continually updating and iterating on the facts in any given event, then you can’t really freeze it in an article anymore, can you?




2002 and 2006
Blogging by US teens halved between 2006 and 2010 and declined among millennials, according to PewResearch.




Rise of social networks such as Facebook and microblogging platforms Tumblr and Twitter.


On 16 February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence. On 20 February 2014, there were around 172 million Tumblr (2016: 291.7 Mio) and 75.8 million WordPress (2016: 76.5 Mio.) blogs in existence worldwide.

Source: Wikipedia



Tintin ©Hergé




So, bloggers should be excited, not downhearted. Roughly 15 years after the beginnings of the format, we have arrived at the essence of the blog – a highly trafficked, commercially appealing platform whose best years are ahead of it.

The blog is dead






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third tech wave’s bursting
your social good dreams

Gif by @spiritform Source: Ello “The Third Wave” An entrepreneurs vision of th future. By Steve Case.
$16.33 at Barnes & Noble
Read the interview w/ Steve Case



Pointer to how GM beat Tesla to the first true mass-market electric car

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1972 | Spurred by federal incentives attached to the Clean Air Act of 1970, engineer Victor Wouk modifies a 1972 Buick Skylark to make it a gas-electric hybrid. The government awards him $33,000 for the design but doesn’t take the idea further. COURTESY OF EPA.GOV

1972 | Spurred by federal incentives attached to the Clean Air Act of 1970, engineer Victor Wouk modifies a 1972 Buick Skylark to make it a gas-electric hybrid. The government awards him $33,000 for the design but doesn’t take the idea further. COURTESY OF EPA.GOV



The inside story by Alex Druies of how GM (yes, GM!) beat Elon Musk in the race to build a true electric car for the masses.

From abroad in my Munich neighbourhood of Nymphenburg, I had several sightings of Tesla’s Model S and have compared Chevy cars park among the European regulars. By which the thought struck me that the Chevy makes for a more potential appearance than the local regulars. When I see see a Tesla drive by, I get a similar sensation as when I see one of the Maseratis in my neighbourhood.Read in full by Alex Druies




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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper ©The Weinstein Company



Now I want to live in a country where I can go running in a garbage bag.

Bradley Cooper ©The Weinstein Company



It’s been a few hours that Silver Linings Playbook (2012) caught me by surprise. I’m okay now. What I like doing most is not do anything and watch tv while longing for the outdoors. A TV Guide is not required much like navigation is a nuisance common with websites. I get pulled in and guided by the story or I do something else.

I had no clue what I was watching and did’t recognise the actors until it dawned on me that the bad woman was the girl from the Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence, who I have a crush on the minute I get to see her.

I like it or I don’t. With actors, Mrs. Hammerstein offered a good enough qualification, which can be applied to perhaps any design discipline:


You know your are watching an actress or actor and are by no means disturbed by knowing who they are.


Bradley Cooper is such an actor and so is Jennifer Lawrence and some sharp work from a talented cast give balance to the fabric and insights you gain from watching Silver Linings.

Nor could Robert De Niro ruin it for me, even though I knew it’s Robert De Niro. Au contraire.

Now I want to live in a country where I can go running wearing a garbage bag.

Silver Linings

New York State Code of Arms/Appeals





25 Songs that tell us where music is going

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Caroline Shaw photo by Richard Burbridge for The New York Times

Caroline Shaw. Photo by
Richard Burbridge for The New York Times



NYTimes Magazine


Where music is going.
“Sorry” by Justin Bieber, “Say No To This” by The ‘Hamilton’ Cast, “I Watched The Film The Song Remains The Same” by Sun Kil Moon, “Get Away” by Syd Tha Kyd & The Internet, “One Sunday Morning” by Wilco, “’06” by Vince Staples, “Hurtin’ (On The Bottle)” by Margo Price, “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16.” by Matt Chamberlain, “Consideration” by Rihanna, “Blue Boy” by Mac Demarco, “Marvin Gaye” by Charlie Puth, “The Blacker The Berry” by Kendrick Lamar, “Early” by Run The Jewels, “The Colours Of Life” by CFCF,
“Hymn For The Weekend” by Coldplay, “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap, “Hello” by Lionel Richie, “Untitled” By Pharrell & J Balvin, “Partita For Eight Voices” by Caroline Shaw, “El Taxi” by Pitbull, “Really Love” by D’angelo, “Weh Dem Feel Like” by Vybz Kartel, “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots, “Sunday Candy” by Chance The Rapper, “Habibi” By Azis, “Blackstar” By David Bowie.

With contributions by Nitsuh Abebe, Mary H.K. Choi, Wesley Morris, Sam Hockley-Smith, Jenna Wortham, George Saunders, Jace Clayton, Carlo Rotella, Jeff Himmelman, Doreen St. Félix, John Wray, Jia Tolentino, Marlon James, Bijan Stephen, Max Read, Jeremy Gordon, Jamie Lauren Keiles, Jody Rosen, Mark Levine, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Amanda Petrusich, Miriam Markowitz, Jayson Greene, Jazmine Hughes, Mac Mcclelland and Will Hermes.


Best practice one pager

One Pager


Good work by NYT Magazine with a one page website, serving up best practice for the design community and typographers. A sound ‘n’ sweet reading experience for visitors. Do go there:ExperienceA One-Time Spectacular


where music is going



The Art of a Political Revolution

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HVW8 Gallery and Bernie Sanders 2016 have united, kicking off the traveling exhibit in Los Angeles (views photos), then Austin earlier this year, “The Art of a Political Revolution” is a touring exhibition featuring both artists and musicians seeking to inspire change throughout the nation. Future exhibitions and locations include Boston. MA; and New York City, NY.



On exhibition Feb 20, 21ST, 11AM-7PM

Artists for Bernie Sanders

On a side note, I witnessed user created content work beautifully to the benefit of The Decemberists and their followers at an early stage of their web presence. A great commercial use was demonstrated by Burberry’s “The Art of the Trench”.


political revolution


This shirt feeds five people

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Dieses Hemd ernährt 5 Leute

T-shirt by 541 Threads from Oregon



Brands and their products will be judged or they will be ignored

You will be judged (or you will be ignored)1. Why should it be any different with products and that, which is trying to win your confidence —the brand? Lots of attention now goes toward the change in people’s behavior.

What’s happening is a return to common sense, or so it seems.

Many folks remain comfortably numb. Be it. They let themselves be fooled by image and the pretence that comes with it. But this is changing. The attention is wandering off to behavior rather than what something aims to represent. Businesses have long noticed the change in consumer behaviour. They have adapted to change with pretence adapted to what people now want to hear. They bypass explanations, omit promises, and strive to prove their claim with activities.

Ever so often, businesses will painstakingly document their case. And support their activities with facts and numbers.



Wie das geht

Simplest social-good marketing from Bent, Oregon.



Patrick Wurtz with partner Zack Nutter deliver a textbook example with their garment production of 541 Threads out of Bend, ORE. With every sold shirt, 5 meals go to the hungry. My son in law, was so kind to send me one.

I’m in awe how compatriots think it through and are willing to act upon such great line for their product label and earn buyers confidence.

A hippie dream come true if everything handed over the cashier’s counter would carry such label.

A business whose economies are capably handled. A product or service that helps the population instead of hurting them, will more likely be trusted. Should this become a presidency with the world population, we can refer to it as sustainability and only then.

541 is not only the zip code for Bend in Oregon, from where 541 Threads operate, but offers a “5 for 1”. Whereas five stands for five meals being passed out and One stands for one thread a shirt is made of.

Read the interview

Shirt feeds five people


Everything gets a remake…

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Faster Company.
Kill, kill, kill!

Foto: Everett Collection via Shutterstock und FastCoDesign



…and neglect

My initial experience with FastCompany’s website remake was, that I could no longer find the article, I referenced in yesterday’s blog post.

We owe it to theme and template based design, and the impeccable, universal design standards of Medium, to be blessed with something close to a global web standard. It allowed us to be delighted by efficiency and elegance when working the web.

Okay web pages have become as good as okay print magazine pages.

Recently structures, organic order and reliable functionalities are in decline. Of all things, FastCompany made a first step toward negligence with their wild design remake.

Nothing wrong with the articles. You lost me on the initial page neglecting any sense of overview or orientation.

The homepage is a mess.

Read in full on Medium



A pointer to welcome the human-to-human purpose and experience driven era (adventure) by Ayelet Baron

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