I’m having a digital transformation right now

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I'm having a digital transformation rith now

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digitale Transformation
The awful — yet important — truth is that ‘Digital Transformation’ is happening to your business whatever you do.

In other words, decisions are being made about us but without us.

We have yet to understand what Malbon callS the magnum opus, however silly or esoteric it may sound.

The magnum opus of digital transformation is an inner journey, which means that YOU are The Philosopher’s Stone.Read in full by Tim Malbon


digitale Transformation



Tuesday is orchestra rehearsal

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Orchestra Rehearsal






orchestra rehearsal
The big idea of the ad industry is orchestration.
We recall that “It’s not me who plays the tuba, the tuba plays me.”



orchestra rehearsal



Stuck in a vending machine

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Stuck in a vending machine

“Stuck in an advertising contract”

Stuck in advertising







World-class advertising made in Germany: In the third sequel of Ad Hell (#Werbehölle), celebrated German show masters Joko & Klaas are forced to fulfil the ad contract these two handsome, silly dudes signed as spokesperson duo for beverage brand Granini.

They are stuck in a vending machine and forgot to bring change.






The car that didn’t make it through ignorance

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The noble Lancia Thesis, that didn’t make it through ignorance in 2003

Neither elegance nor effectiveness helped this Italian car pass through ignorance.



On a stroll through Frankfrut, I could sense a limousine turn into the street I was on. And there it was. The Lancia Thesis.

An upper class sedan the kind Mercedes claims for its brand. But with a way better price-performance ratio. That no competitor offered in its category.

Some 13 years later, I feel the same sensation when a Tesla comes down the road in my posh Munich neighborhood.

When something unusual is about to happen, people can sense it before they get to see it.See more Lancia modelson Spiegel Online









Are we ready for a Declaration of Interdependence?

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Are we ready
for a Declaration
of Interdependence?

Illustration by Seymour Chwast for The New Yorker



On July 4, 1962, U.S. president John F. Kennedy declared “that the United States will be ready for a Declaration of Interdependence”.

Aart De Geus, chairman and CEO of the Bertelsmann Foundation and Frederick Kempe, president and CEO of the Atlantic Council have written a piece for the National Interest on how TTIP has the potential to fulfill Kennedy’s vision.Read in full by Aart De Geusand Frederick Kempe


Declaration of Interdependence



“Stressed Out”

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Everything is being redesigned



New Aesthetic

25 Songs that tell us where music is going.
A one-time spectacular. The NYTimes Magazine.

NYTimes Magazine with a special on New Aesthetic in music1



„Stressed Out” Twenty One Pilots
Brilliant example on how content within its context become relevant.



New Aesthetic in music
“Four years ago, I discovered James Bridle’s attempt to define the new aesthetic for the early 21. century with the help of many.

With eyes wide open you could find it in fashion, war gear, in the arts and on numerous Google street view across Europe.
NANew Aesthetic by James Bridle

NA in design and perception

While a large number of photos aimed at documenting the progressing fragmentation of markets and the splitting of the web with pixelated imagery, quite the contrary happened.



Every trend is followed by an equally powerful counter trend.



Neither design nor perception pixelated and fell apart in its bits and atoms.

The quality of on screen images, happened to supersede that of glossy print magazines we had all grown familiar with. On screen display resolution superseded print results. Along came theme or template based design and the acceptance of web standards such as proven and tried layouts and functions. In turn it reached the level of best practices in print design.

If there is a new aesthetic, then one that came along with the event of retina displays for watches, cell phones, tablet PCs or ever larger tv and desktop monitors.



What the boys from twenty one pilots may also stressed out by, is the ever more demanding claim as a result of ever increasing expectations set in quality.



NA der Musik

The new aesthetic in music comes close to what is experienced as supernormal. Tt’s something we know and trust that we only need be reminded of and surprised by. The Hamilton Cast’s „Say no to this” demonstrates this nicely and should you not know the Hamilton Cast, take „Sorry” by Justin Bieber.

A warm symphonic sound makes for the fundament of the new aesthetic on which the interpreters give their best.New Aesthetic in MusicA One-Time SpectacularNYTimes Magazine


New Aesthetic in Music


New Aesthetic in Music



A pointer to Fascism’s an Epidemic. What’s the cure?

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This is NOT a Drill!

Your everyday behavior contributes to the cure

Fascism’s an Epidemic
Now is the time to make your social media activities pay of:

  • Ignore anti democratic press reports. Refrain from sharing articles on uproar about anti democratic suspects.
  • Social media is here to exploit your last sanctuary: Your cognitive surplus.

  • Share instead write ups on politicians and family businesses triumphing among big businesses.
  • Reward media reports on big business serving social goodness.
  • Enjoy and share your discoveries of businesses and activities serving social goodness.
  • Don’t be mad at Bernie Sanders.
  • Determine how your business supports democratic values and brag about it.
  • Make good use of your cognitive surplus with smart, fun sharing.
  • Know your name and keep your head up.
  • Make use of strategic consume. Support your trusted local neighbourhood shops.
  • Show your support for open source technology and other large scale movements that make tools available to mid- and small size businesses. There plenty out there!


Fascism’s an Epidemic



Michaela Melián – Electric Ladyland

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Michaela Melián - Electric Ladyland

Michaela Melián – Electric Ladyland



Lithfaßsäule für Michaela Melián für ihre Einzelaustellung im Münchner Lenbachhaus

Sponsored “Lithfaßsäule” for the solo exhibition at Munich’s Lenbachhaus honoring Michaela Melián



Karmelina Kulpa explains



Karmelina Kulpa shows you around



Michaela Melián – Electric Ladyland
Should you be in Munich you may want to spend some time at the prestigious Lenbachhaus. It’s Kunstbau is hosting a solo exhibition honoring the works by Michaela Melián. Karmelina Kulpa offers a bit of explanation on why the exhibit is worth your time.

Michaela Melián knows her numbers. On a pre-set schedule she goes to where visitors and fans congregate . You can place your bets on her nomination for any top award in the European art industry.

I’ve always enjoyed her bright smile and rose cheeks. She sticks to wearing skirts.

With remarkable persistence, Melián has layed out how to organically grow a brand and consistently add new meaning to it through out her life.


Michaela MeliánElectric Ladyland

March 8 – June 19 at Kunstbau

Michaela Melián – Electric Ladyland



Der Sprengreiter №4 Peace by Michaela Melián.

Der Sprengreiter No.4
by Michaela Melián.



The city of Munich sets digital record

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Munich waves to the machines
Munich sets digital record
Germany owes its reputation to dead thinkers, dead poets, dead inventors and dead scientists.

Europe and its historic past and extensive history.

Since the rise of new technology and the departure into the 21. century, Germany has no role in this play. It lives off of the myth its dead left behind, and enjoys – more than ever – a mighty fine reputation around the globe.

Last month, the journalist Arie Wahl reported for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, that businesses and politics are stepping on it.

A Blitz take-of, Like the one by Munich start-up Celonis, comes as a surprise and with a fatal announcement:



“This software aims to dismiss business consultants”



made in munichThe Munich start-up is growing faster than any German tech company. The secret of success is an algorithm.“This software aims to dismiss business consultants”by Helmut Martin-Jung in German language

Munich sets digital record



A pointer to why 1776 is coming to New York City

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Make New York the world’s greatest engine for innovation

The Brooklyn Navy Yard

Read in full by Rachel Haot5 min read features great photos1776
For five years the impeccable Rachel Haot served as Chief Digital Officer for New York City and New York State. Now she joined 1776.

1776 brings together leaders at the crossroads of fundamental change — government, institutions, entrepreneurs, investors — to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

Find out what is holding New York City back, how 1776 invests in the city’s future and how you can step up with your business model in mind.



You are invited to join