A new New

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The New



Launch of redesigned New Yorker magazine



A new New

The New Yorker launches revamped website.
A cleaner more organised look and feel, easier to read and navigate and the reader can work with it too.
You can collect section with your cursor. And you can now run your cursor through the characteristic New Yorker typeface as well.

John O’Nolan, founder of ghost has coined WordPress to be the operating system of the web. The New Yorker makes good use of it with a customised, responsive theme. Readers profit from a more agile, more responsive organisation serving up more immediate, frequent updates.



mobile first illustration by Barry Blitt.



With its popularity and broad readership, the New Yorker is now the flagship for journalism heralding a global web standard in the early 21. century.

Way to go for a branch seeking orientation.

I like to hold on to the illusion that a poke of mine contributed to the introduction of the characteristic New Yorker font as web font.

Here now, greater orientation and a much improved reading experience across all devices. Excellent use and proof of what can be accomplished with graphic design in acceptance of proven and tried technology.

Read the editors announcement in full.



The future of marketing, as seen at Cannes Lions

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Mashup by way of a photograph by Büşra ŞavlÄ.



Last year John Winsor, founder and CEO of Victors & Spoils wrote a post titled The Dinosaurs of Cannes about the scene at the Cannes Lions Festival, the ad industry’s star-studded annual awards show. Winsor said, “As you walked down La Croisette the rest of the week, you could see lots of dinosaurs basking in their glory while asking what all the furry and feathered things running around at their feet and flying around above them were.” This year the new mammals and birds of the industry have begun to strut their stuff.

What these new species have in common is that they’re based on open systems. These systems are digital at their core, and leverage network effects and the ability of the “digital democracy” to find the best talent and ideas wherever they exist. Unlike closed marketing systems, characterized by agencies that wall off their in-house talent (creating a scarce and expensive resource), open marketing systems seek talent from anywhere in the world to solve problems, and then curate the best answers.

Such systems are taking on incumbents in every industry. Airbnb is not only challenging the biggest hotel chains but also challenging the bureaucracy, going after the New York City housing and tax laws that stand it its way. Now, with a valuation of $10 billion, Airbnb has the capital to take on the hotel industry and its supporters globally. The app-enabled car-sharing service Uber has also become a global phenomenon with a valuation of over $18 billion. In an ironic turn, cab drivers in London, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid decided to strike in June, 2014 to protest Uber. The result: Uber gained several hundred thousand new members. Quirky is disrupting incumbents in consumer product design and innovation, Local Motors in the automobile business, Relay Rides in car rentals and Kickstarter and AngelList in the financial sector. Name an industry and there is a new open-system player leveraging the power of the networked world to build a paradigm-shifting competitor. […]

This year at Cannes it felt like the light finally went on. […] These open-system mammals and birds have evolved to a point where they are beginning to articulate and deliver on the new paradigm while the dinosaur guardians of the old, closed marketing world are starting to acknowledge the shift.

Read in full and learn from John Winsor what brands can do.



Attack on suits

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Apple (R)  | Bloomberg (R) | Getty Images

Apple (R) | Bloomberg (R) | Getty Images



Tech behemoths Apple and IBM announced a partnership Tuesday that could make Apple—traditionally a consumer brand—a major player in the business market.

IBM said it would create a class of more than 100 business applications exclusively for iPhones and iPads to run on Apple’s iOS platform. In return, IBM will sell Apple’s products with 100 industry-specific apps to its clients worldwide.



Every brand manager can pay lip service to mobile first these days

The partnership is about “transforming enterprise,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC in an exclusive interview. The partnership aims to “deliver on the promise of mobile in a big way,” he said.

Insanely great when every suit can soon do what mommy bloggers have been doing for more than a decade.

Read in full by Matt Hunter.



Sell an unemployed

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Verklopft die Arbeitslosen

Sell an unemployed



Killing two birds with one stone. That’s what this new platform – “Sell an unemployed” – does (in Dutch). It is an initiative by the ACC, the Belgium Association of Communication Companies, to persuade text writers to become a copywriter in advertising – there always seems to be a shortage. That’s the first bird. Since the text writers need to help Belgians find a job through an eloquently written application letter, the platform can also be seen as a charity – the second bird. And if the application letter does well – both effectively and according to a jury – the ambitious text writer can win a master class copywriting. The winner of the master class wins a job at Happiness Brussels – also responsible for the concept. So, maybe even 3 birds with one stone.

See original entry

Wrong. Empathy with the unemployed may help with generating traffic for the campaign, it won’t help the unemployed though. How does the jury measure effectiveness if not by the count of those under contract by the end of the campaign? Should I not have misinterpreted the copy on the site, one person will win a job at the agency in charge of the campaign.


Claim and proof thereof in real time next to each other


Why would you get your hopes up on anything that didn’t bother demonstrate what its claim was alongside proof thereof?



The great social media swindle
comes in many colors



Today, nearly any claim can be demonstrated along with its proof in real time.

Narrow minded folks may only want to trust such promises that appear to be worth their trust as long as they are supported by real-time figures verifying the promise.

The other option is to adopt a generous attitude at the cost of precision.




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Peanuts® Get in the Game Poster

We are all good. Peanuts® mash-up.



The best team of the tournament is bringing home its 4th Worldcup title and star. An accomplishment that was only achieved by the end of the extended game, however it was definitely a much deserved success. This team was the best Worldcup team and has developed continuously throughout the past years. (…). Not only in its economic prowess, but also in playing soccer, Germany has become a super power. The country has succeeded in setting up a fault free system – with fanatically sound clubs and appropriate formation.

Wolfclub Chronicle

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Foto: Henrik Purienne

Foto: Henrik Purienne



Germany’s ad trade magazines are demonising native advertising as masked advertising. Wrong. Advertorials offer a less in your face, more relaxing advertising tactic. Done well, native advertising is capable of augmenting content.

Enter Wolfclub chronicle. It took me a little time to discern it. Is it a campaign I am looking at for a brand I haven’t heard of? When in fact it is a project documentary, the making of and an extension of the portfolio of Brydie Mack. A creative director from Sydney, Australia.

Or is it?

A paid for advertorial. Trickery and as the German trade mags say it is, deceptive, masked advertising?

Zulu + Zephyr Spring ’15

A popular swim suit brand, having its brand preferably built by third party contributions, predominately blogs.

View in full.

Stay sick. Get blue.

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Stay sick - Get blue

Twin sister trades and talents



One got away with murder, now ready to publish book two of the Micanopy Murders. The other sis, has singed fingers and a threefold of crowds to please with pretty much one and the same craft and connected skill set. That of a certified millinery and proven custom & set designer under contract at a renown theatre in Linz, Austria.



Twin sister tumblrs

Twin sisters tumblrs


Feather. Death. Crown.
The work and investigation of Elizabeth Blue.


A new generation comic artist, she has returned to the early stage of comic art. Long before the Days of Marvel, when hand drawn lines got simplified and Hergé invented ligne claire with Tintin. Black and white pencil drawings from which to expect a new definition for comics in modern day story telling.


No more l'oiseaux qui rie

Elizabeth is a farmer’s wife in Oregon, USA.

Singed Fingers
Hats, sets and costumes by Dido Victoria


Dido attended millinery school near Hamburg. She got hired as apprentice at the lesser known of the two remaining millinery businesses in Berlin. Watch her singed fingers do delicate work and note the calm in her face and you know why she has chosen a kind of creative work near extinction.


the name is D-i-d-o

The name to remember is Dido


Brace – brace, we’re landing on the Hudson.

Both blogging sisters now have a responsive system going of their own. At no cost other than a short period per day to keep their diaries up to date.



Elizabeth's boar with a dash of Errol Flynn and Dido's Jan Delay collection

Elizabeth’s boar and Dido’s Jan Delay collection



Dido already has two inventions to show for. That of the riding hood or robin hood, which Kanye West may consider his next mask du jour. And the current inside-out hat collection, she calls “candy colours”. She may want to consider a more demanding name. A collection named after Jan Delay or Johnny Depp, who ever comes first to wear her hat.

Atlantic Press is publishing Elizabeth book two of the Micanopy Murders. A collaborative work with her amazing mentor and aunt Jamie-Lee got auctioned off at Sotheby’s in London. Cool, calm collectiveness: “I honestly don’t know why people get so worked up about a little murder. Tom Ripley”

Ripley Under Ground. Patricia Highsmith.




Stay sick. Get blue.

Most people are aware of what history class has taught them. History gets written by the victor.

It’s obvious that if you aim to claim victory, be the ones to write your history yourselves. Development is a friend and continuity takes on the hard work for you.

£12.49 GB including shipping





Van Gils’ seam for a new advertising format

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Kevin Richardson demonstrates handling lions and other advertising formats.

Kevin Richardson demonstrates handling lions and other advertising formats.



You should have never allowed adverts to get in the way of what you are interested in. With cyber eventually growing up it’s becoming obvious, that new media formats are replacing old often annoying standards, such as Carbon network or the Deck, making life easier on us all. Less cluttering media is also being offered in Europe by a German start-up.

Van Gils men’s tailor company demonstrates brilliant best practice for established media providers such as Carat or Universal McCann, to follow suit and brands to re-fabricate their own media format in various sizes. Thereby killing several birds with one stone. Efficiently and elegantly.



No stitch no story

“No stitch no story”



Good thing.

  1. Improve how you are being seen.
  2. Be nice to lions.
  3. Reengineer the idea to fit your brand and do an idea that does¹ for your business.
  4. Richardson gets paid for this commercial in quite an original way; of every suit sold (from the KNVB collection) €50 goes to his Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Throw you money at the lions or make room for a banner.



    Playing against Lions.
    ¹Ideas that do was coined by Gareth Kay.



Show your work

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Austin Kleon handy book next to Dido Victoria's hat show. (c)Dido Victoria Millinery

Austin Kleon handy book next to Dido Victoria’s hat show



Show Your Work - Don't mess with Texas Photo credit: A. Ward via Wikimedia Commons

Please curate free of clutter – Don’t mess with Texas



It can’t be any simpler than that. If you don’t show it, nothing comes from it. You can always remove your blog entry at a later point, when you figure, it doesn’t support your philosophy or strategy.

Much like his first, Austin Kleon’s second handy little book, provides short practical instructions for the marketing practitioner who has been caught by surprise by the newness of the early 21st century.

A quick and rather pragmatic way to retain orientation. Great for young people (think of one half of the Spanish youth without a job) unwilling to enter unemployment right after school. A godsend for 50 somethings, facing reality of impossibility to re-enter the job force, not in the ad industry anyway. Soon it will be available in your language as the Russian copy indicates.

Get a signed copy at Austin’s Book People for $11.95.



    Which is the case

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    Photography: Damon Pablo



    A Podcast from last August with the original titel, ‘All which is the case‘. A premiere: Markus Gabriel about the world.



    Which is the case

    Markus Gabriel
    Christian Möller
    Max v. Malotki

    German language podcast
    featuring Germany’s youngest philosophy professor,
    co-founder of new philosophy and author of top ten ranking book,
    “Why the world does not exist”.