This changes everything

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Das ändert alles

Plakat zum Dokumentarfilm This changes everything


Run time

Avi Lewis
Naomi Klein
Naomi Klein, Vanessa Braided Hair, Crystal Lameman, Lliam Hildebrand, Li Bo, Chee Yoke Ling, Jyothi Aningi, Sunita Narain, Mary Christianou, Mike Scott
1 hour 29 minutes



A movie that has its effects even before viewing. I don’t even have to go and see it, since I love distraction from demands these times hold for us just like everyone else. No need to push me I am over the edge. The question being introduced come with its answer of tremendous value and impact.



What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?

More so, I would like to extend the question to Volkswagen, its bosses, consultants, employees, managers and agencies. Now that their reliability and reputation is put to the test, a once in a lifetime opportunity is being offered to bring German engineering back and confront the requirements the early 21. century holds. How switch mockery back to reliability? A marketing challenge worth mastermind’s time. Make the world crack up with laughter and astonishment.

Diesel and gasoline are but a swindle in the face of emerging environmental collapses not counting the current emission scandal. A huge scandal will be to further waste resources on gas or diesel driven motorcars and miss out on the obvious evolution, vital for the future economy [of Germany].






Referendum from the documentary



The diesel scandal is a license for a new beginning

German detail verse is the best prerequisite to revive German engineering with engineering electric motors, proving skills with the development of long-lived batteries and devising enabling algorithms.



Germany's beloved Leitz binder

Germany’s beloved Leitz binder with data moved to the net.





All content of Germany’s beloved Leitz binders belong on the web

What hasn’t come to a bad end under the leadership of Angela Merkel but has led to continuous record breaking news from Germany, is to thank a nation holding still. Now holding still and not doing anything will lead to unprecedented radical events. In turn radical activities are now required to confront the otherwise inevitable with nations united and progressive technological trust. What a small country like Letland can do can be done by larger countries as well. All energy on the development of algorithms to create useful connections. Germany’s largest database is supposedly that of the job bank. It holds data of German business looking for employees and local job seekers. With algorithms it should be capable of connecting job offers with job seekers and provide an interface to make the connection up to the point of an interview. The interview can also take place via Skype which is has been reported that refugees stay in touch with their families. Extend and refine this tool by the German unemployment agency to scale for all of Europe and you have a preventive measure for registration of refugees before trespassing.

I have worked with the German chancellors’ digital campaign team at the Konrad Adenauer house in Berlin and have rarely met a more capable or more adapt team in any of my fortune 500 business experience.

Demand screening for your town.

Order Naomi Klein’s book

Spiegel commentary by Armin Mahler in english.



Philosophical practice

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Thomas Palzer / The coming book

Nicolai Howalt / Courtesy Martin Asbæk, Edel Assanti Gallery & Bruce Silverstein Gallery.



The coming book is a website

A website that belongs on your bookshelf with a difference. While it doesn’t matter to the author if you read his book, as long as you have purchased it – it makes a world of difference to our author that you read his website.

Literature and philosophy are for a fastidious existence.

Thomas Palzer is an award winning German author, philosopher and film director. Palzer is best known for his elegant, fluid use of the German language. Frequent Pop Sunday radio shows for the Bayerischer Rundfunk contributed to his popularity. With regular columns on the topic of Zeitgeist Palzer is regarded as trustworthy.

You can order the cover motif by Nicolai Howalt as poster 39,4 x 27,6 Inches for $ 64 £41 + shipping here. The poster is beautifully printed on Gallery Art Matt, 200 g/m2. The poster is signed.
Printed in 2014 by Medicine Museion, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Do visit the website that belongs on your bookshelf.



14 years after

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9/11 2015

The New Yorker Sept. 24 2001 next to paintings by Michael Dumontier und Neil Farber



At my appointment yesterday, an official explained to me, that structures were gone. Structures developed to hold the workforce together. The boundaries that used to define wrong from right. With one person to look up to in any given hierarchy it was as easy as can be to navigate and move along with ones life.

What has worked for families or smaller units also worked for the larger society. Their government and businesses. Boundaries kept in place by laws. For the sake of the larger popularity that stayed within those boundaries. Life was a game with a defined theme¹, easy to play.

It went well until emerging technologies enabled insights. Insights into the fabric of such operations system. Public Confidence withdrawal was the result.

14 years after the collapse of the World Trade Center. The Iraq wars as a consequence led to today’s exodus of refugees in Europe. Life has become a game without a given theme. No more structures to depend on, yet hard to manage, fragmented markets.

An adaptive OS is replacing the former. More often without payment system at this early stage than with. More work places get destroyed than created by the new economy. Dependable on scalability and automation while growth is no longer an option. Orientation with long-term leadership and one person to look up to is on its way out. The world transforms from solid to fluid.

Few rare birds supersede their parent’s wellbeing with a new business model. But at large this is the first, second and soon third generation doing worse than their parents.

Old habits die hard. Especially in Europe. And Europe has ignored the call for transformation in these 14 years. Europeans will have to do away with self-imposed immaturity.

Immaturity is the inability to use ones minds without direction from the outside². Pressure to come from within and only from there.

More on this over the upcoming weekend.

¹Thomas Meinecke ²Immanuel Kant



Trump’s campaign website review

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Kris Lewis (detail Blood Moon) with collage: Donald Trump Rally

Kris Lewis (detail Blood Moon) with overlay: Donald Trump Rally



Seen from abroad by an American born in Germany, the US of A are having a comeback.
From my view, the US are having a comeback every single day. Digitally speaking, tv-series speaking, arts speaking, literature speaking.

The other day I watched “What the USA is worth” on German TV, a documentary moderated by Donald Trump. An impressive listing of what everything is worth: mineral resources, real estate, live stock. A mine worker making 10,000 a month. It is obvious and more comforting to see a man focused on the good side of the coin than getting left behind in a mess of bad blood.

It may take an old school icon such as Donald Trump for the world to recognise the Great American Comeback, thank you people and thank you President Obama. Someone to help visualise the amazing turn-around for all the world. You can’t have Scrooge for president.

This is a salut to his presidential campaign website rather than the political figure.

No sign the site builds on the intend to meet trendy technical standards. Yet it delivers on much of what to expect from a modern day global web standard with a universal appeal.


  • Responsive to the visitors needs in a intuitive way.
  • Owes her respect and knows her time to be limited.
  • No yak yak yak. Straight forward with universal appeal.
  • Comes across as more of a physical than digital experience.
  • No display of a political agenda, focus on single claim and single pitch (status: Aug. 17, 2015)


No real one pager to drive the audience toward call-to-action. The site leaves you with an impression of being remarkably subtle for a man who cares so much about his hairdo. A nice touch for someone not known for his kindness.



Victory Passport

Victory Passport call-to-action.



Like no other campaign website, Trump’s site spells: “Easy does it.” Even “Yes we can.

And does it without the traitorous exclamation mark.

The typography is stellar. Google fonts that are both, statesmanlike authoriative (Old Standard TT) and contemporary clean (Montserrat).

The site is responsive not only by technical standard but in a more physical sense. It omits any complication or obstacles to allow for a smooth, seamless experience.

Trump’s site even omits a political agenda, bullet points listing political principles. Instead a big promise welcomes the visitor: “Make America great again.” Rather than presenting a political agenda, the site currently contains a single pitch. That of an immigration reform.

Way to go in midst of a fashionable wave to simplify in a world that has become overly complex and complicated.



Trump Rally - Felt Pennants

Trump Rally Accessories – Felt Pennants



It comes across as a much more gentle reflection of how Trump appears in public. A welcomed diversion of what a politician looks and sounds like. Even though he is wearing suit and tie and I’ve never seen him without.

It is the most clear, orderly clean and direct website, I have come across in a while. All the way down to the subtle use of social connectors. And for some intuitive reason it’s all there. No answer missing in the most common use of website structures:

“Who we are”, “What we Do” and “Why we do it”.

It’s all there in all its brevity, directness and subtlety. Amazing!

Visit Donald Trump’s campaign website.



Digital in the city

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bb logo






Rachel Haot, Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Secretary of Tech for NY State

Rachel Haot Foto: Undercurrent



Undercurrent Interview with Rachel Haot, Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Secretary of Tech for NY State

For three years Rachel S. Haot, served as Chief Digital Officer for the City of New York.

She was appointed by Mayor Bloomberg from January 2011 to December 2013. Major milestones are the city’s first digital roadmap completed in 2013, an overhaul and responsive design relaunch of, and bringing in developers to compete in hackathons for best solution. serves over 35 million unique visitors annually. The city’s social media audience expanded to nearly four million (triple what it was previously).

I also admire small steps she has taken such as shortening all URL in a collaboration with

Before her role with the City, Rachel served as founder and CEO of GroundReport, one of the earliest global citizen journalism platforms, from 2006 to 2010.

Now she is the Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Secretary of Technology for New York State, part of Governor Cuomo’s administration.

Read the interview with Rachel Haot. over at Undercurrent’s website.



Rachel Haot, Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Secretary of Tech for NY State - Count me in for Europe's transformation

Photo montage: Rachel Haot with yours truly copied in. Photo: Harald Hufgard



Something the German government and the European Union may want to look into

Germany has good use for a digital officer appointed by Angela Merkel. Unlike popular belief the transformation of all government agencies is no big issue.

Big issues don’t require big solutions. Required technologies are available off-the-shelf and accessible by even huge corporations and institutions. No investment in hardware needed. No time consuming reeducation required. Workshop free. Why?

Not what we think changes what we do – what we do changes what we think.

Back in 2005, I had the creative lead for, and the idea for the Merkel podcasts popped up, for the early parliamentary elections. 9 years later, is a beacon of a responsive one pager, featuring parallax scrolling and a no nonsense web experience across devices both efficient and elegant.

Like Euklid Tsakalotos, Varoufakis’ successor came to Brussels empty handed, I wish to be invited to visit Berlin or the State Chancellery in Munich, equipped with a handwtitten note. My business card says „much appreciated”. Another such universal solution.

Drop me a note.
Transformation made easy.



I do not need a drill

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size matters

I do not need a drill.
I need a hole in the wall




My neighbour has a bicycle

Innovate or die. It seems like advertising industry has been living in the shadow of this mantra for the last fifteen year. Long gone are days of advertising as as usual, and more adept agencies and clients alike have been in constant reinvention mode, trying to adapt their business to the Fear Factor that consumer behavior has become.

It all started with nerds sharing code. It continued with people sharing content ranging from the latest news to the most intimate moments of their lives (just look at Secret. Actually, don’t). Now micro-entrepreneurs, who are just like us, are now sharing property, possessions, skills and knowledge.

It sounds like an amazing thing. Except that, if you are a brand in the business of creating all of those things, it is actually not. It is dangerously close to pure panic of being squeezed out of business by virtually anyone describing their model as “AirBnB for X.” And with good reason.

Read in full what began as poetry by Ana Andjelic



Get your Creative Social book copy on Amazon here.



A pointer toward Tomorrow Today

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Tomorrow Today

Get the book from Lulu.



What’s that?

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Blood Advertising Fritz Cola campaign

Billboard riddle. Spoiler alert: Geistesblitz



Blood Advertising Fritz Cola campaign

Billboard riddle. Who knows?



Blood Advertising Fritz Cola campaign_3

Billboard riddle, who knows what it means?



For the love of print and the rare European ad agency struck by the idea of accepting the change in consumer behavior.

That said, when did the citizen become a consumer? And isn’t the consumer revolving back into a citizen as we speak?

The agency struck by such idea is Blood Actvertising in Hamburg. Nice website too. The product is Fritz Kola. A successful European Coca Cola competitor.

An idea that does (Gareth Kay) should people be amused and try solve the riddle.

Spoiler alert: The top billboard riddle’s solution spells: Geistesblitz. German word for the incident when struck by an idea.



Coke vs Kola with Stevia

Coke vs Kola with stevia



“Fritz-Kola extends their congratulations to Coca Cola on their groundbreaking innovation.”

Fritz-Kola’s headline for a previous print ad, with which Fritz-Kola® promptly responds to Coca Cola’s announcement of testing Coca Cola Life in Argentina.



Citizen Ex

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Citizen Ex profile pics from James Bridles email



I am astonished by and consumed with the notion, that we all have long been living in media for quite some time.

Many want to think of themselves as living in a world, the world we all call ours, while everyone is actually living in media. In an electric reality. TV series characters provide the feeling of confidence we once hoped to find in our family.

In midst of what consumes me, I received mail I subscribe to by James Bridle that immediately caught my attention. Here goes.



Citizen Ex

Citizen Ex starts with the notion of Algorithmic Citizenship: that our rights and allegiances can be as easily and dynamically assigned and manipulated as any other data. As you browse the web, it shows you where the websites you visit actually are, and what this means for your Algorithmic Citizenship.

You can download Citizen Ex from, where you can also find out more about Algorithmic Citizenship, and read the first of several “domain stories” I’m writing over the next few weeks, which explore the connections between the political and physical infrastructures of the web.



Algorithmic Citizenship

Your Algorithmic Citizenship is how you appear to the internet, as a collection of data extending across many nations, with a different citizenship and different rights in every place. One day perhaps we will all live like we do on the internet. Until then, there’s Citizen Ex.



Why De La Soul embraced kickstarter

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The story of three hip-hop legends who raised over $600,000 via crowdfunding by Pos

Pos commands the crowd at Coachella | Photo by Jeff Kravitz, Getty Images



Why De La Soul Embraced Kickstarter

11,169 backers pledged $600,874 to help bring this project to life.








Why De La Soul Embraced Kickstarter

At first, I honestly wasn’t sure if this would be the correct path to take. We were not sure if people would feel like we were begging for money, or just be turned off that a well-established group was taking part in crowdfunding. But after taking some time, looking into Kickstarter, speaking to artists who have launched campaigns themselves, as well as fans that have backed them, we saw that a large percentage of our fan base were very aware of the crowdfunding platform. We also saw that there were other established entertainers, musicians, and authors who had connected with their fans via Kickstarter and launched successful campaigns.


Be sure to read the full article by Pos.



De La Soul merchandise next to Decemberist stuff

De La Soul merchandise next to Decemberist stuff



How musicians cope with the paradigm shift

As adored readers may have notice, I keep looking into how musicians cope with the paradigm shift. Other times, I simply get sucked into a good story by something astonishing I haven’t yet heard about.

So yes, I noticed the shift on the so reliable, illustration art based Decemberist site, when it radically changed from being centered around what Peteski would call “I’ve got an art blog”. They even had a very involved huge following supplying them with Decemberist art doodles, album cover art, all amazing and well done!

Suddently the site shifted from user side content to a commercial merchandise shop type story. I trust, most everyone understood that the Decemberists had come to understand, that they can’t serve their audience if they fail to support the band members with some security.