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Discoverers, the engine of the economy

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doing is good

doing is good was coined by Gareth Kay, the bionic ad man.

The Beatles Friendship pictures
With the most successful band of all times, Paul and John stuck their heads together to sing into one and the same microphone. As a child I was concerned if this wasn’t too close for comfort for the two. Together the fab four crossed Abbey Road using the perfectly legal and safe cross-walk or zebra crossing as they say in Britain.


The Beatles Abbey Road


Friendship pictures that have made for an unforgetable, big impression. We love to see pictures of people, even when we don’t know the person we love looking at so much. We feel lucky and it makes us glad to get to see friendship picts. Pictures of people with a liking for one another.

Can you name a greater gift?

The Discoverers Engine of The Economy
When I discover anything I like, I want to share my discovery with someone. Any discovery gives me the sensation of ownership. By sharing my discovery, I claim authority. After all it is my discovery. With those I share my discovery with, my standing improves. Discoverers have a better reputation than those without. This holds true even though there may be hundreds of earlier discoverers in another part of town or elsewhere in the world. With discoveries I feel excitement and never at a loss or lonely. At this age and time, I have come to the conviction that making discoveries outperforms having sex or any motivation—you name it. It keeps me happy even when I should be down. The social networks have brought back the sensation of sharing discoveries with one another.

Can you name a better opportunity to gain or regain reputation without having to invest in a Porsche?

No revolutionary new insights… We have had a lifetime to witness the effects of friendship pictures and more so, discovery as a means of motivation and built in survival strategy. Sex sells – good luck with it… Making discoveries however is a vital survival strategy, we all had great experience with from the day we were born. No discovery, no learning experience. As animals and humans we soon diminish and decay. {A good few of my 25-45 year old colleagues diminish and decay as we speak from loss of discovery. Imagine that. They procrastinate at their ad agencies in the most exciting of all times in advertising! Burn out has become all the rage.} It’s no different with brands. Continuously creating new meaning for the brand is a great pleasure and vital survival strategy. To see to her discovery is the inherent selling strategy.




The flyswatter theory

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How to make it as an advertising creative

bookcover Simon Veksner¹

Watch the fly escape the flyswatter

German language debates seem to circle around the topic internet more often than not. In a recent post, avid blogger Nico Lumma² argues the debate not to be about the internet. It’s about helplessness, he suggests. No wonder, with every other new invention, tool or platform influencing the post-digital ecosystem considerably, wait and see has become the preferred strategy amongst decision makers in politics and business. I like to think of this as an indicator for lack of brand consciousness and identity, hence obvious self esteem or lack thereof amongst businesses, agencies and political parties. The remedy then is learning while doing after a short period of having revisited and having regained consciousness of your collective brand values. Brand positioning, -attributes, -character, value proposition, tone of voice… all that. Do not enter social media without laser sharp clarity over set goals and without being in perfect touch with your collective and proven brand values.

Todays news in the German trade press reflect change or confusion for the better or worse, while the German creative community is relentlessly celebrating creative momentum in Europe:

  • Frankfurt’s Ogilvy chief executive Thomas Strerath is de-associating O&M from their toutet 360 degree advertising approach thus far at the core of the Ogilvy value proposition. The other old world advertising success factor detached from O&M is the big idea.
  • TBWA Hamburg is first to replace good old boys networks with girls. Clara Schmidt von Groeling, Diana Pauser and Karin Reichl are the new heavies at TBWA in Hamburg.
  • Consumer electronics wholesales Media Markt with a budget of 290 Mio realigns its marketing strategy with its prospected multi-channel strategy and drops incumbent creative shop Kempertrautmann while at it

Germany's early community 1

Germany's Kommune 1³ getting ready for another good spanking in 2011

While Kempertrautman is a first case scenario, where a boutique agency with a creative agenda gets the finger from its bread and butter account, agile agencies with focus on creative and a firm believe in the power of ideas have been doing rather well around the globe despite the world economy crisis in my observation.


The flyswatter theory

Last night, I watched a documentary on how flies escape the flyswatter. A high speed camera documented a fly’s take off under normal (relaxed) circumstances compared to its take off in lieu of danger. When relaxed the fly’s take off took place with amazing synchronization and orchestrated grace. The fly would jump off by stretching its legs and the wings punping air accordingly. In sharp contrast to this routine orchestration of all systems involved, the fly changed it’s take off strategy considerably when being scarred. It would now simply move as in a sudden explosion with no controlled orchestration of systems involved.



It sure looked awkward and stupid to see the fly do an emergency take off completely without control through the high speed camera’s eye, as the fly simply moved or jerked suddenly, landed on its back, turned and jumped back into the air. With the immediate reaction in face of danger, the fly could gain split seconds neccessary to escape the fly swatter at the expense of elegance and control.


So yes, doing anything, even though without control and doing it immediately and fast seems a better strategy for the post-digital age than wait and see.


¹Simon Veksner is a creative director at London’s Bartle Bogle Hegarty with a blog of his own called scamp. How to Make It as an Advertising Creative was published by Laurence King Publishing in 2010.
²Nico Lumma is a popular marketing blogger at Lummaland and a strategist of creative agency Scholz & friends in Hamburg.
³Famous German Community One [Kommune 1] founded January 1 1967 it broke up in November 1969. Rainer Langhans, Fritz Teufel and Uschi Obermaier were the celebrated members of Kommune 1 in Berlin with Jimi Hendrix to name a guest you can relate to.




Arriving is everything.

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Arriving is everything

McCann alumni Rolf Jäger





autofspace.comGoran Minov, Martin Biela und Christoph Mayer are engaged bloggers, thought- and opinion leaders for since November 2010. A MRM lab project by MRM Worldwide in Frankfurt, Germany.


Late but great entry into customer relations with automotive heavies such as Opel, Vauxhall and Saab. Much to the liking of MRM heavies Landsberg, Kolb, Burleigh and certainly Oren Frank, is a potentially powerful crm tool concentrated around the impressive automotive clientel. Favorably playing out for employee branding while at it. A marketing blog with focus on automotive communication and mobility, aiming at a more efficient, brand neutral, knowledge exchange amongst automobil greats and their agencies.


a real world impression
Idea agencies and research institutes were first to sport a lab blog of sortss for more efficient knowledge exchange. Economy and politics will rush to follow suit.


Curriculum: An industry leader, MRM will want to take the concept further, turn it into an innovation along the way and achieve a user driven knowledge exchange and the involvement of stakeholders at all levels including a mechanism to validate results and honor result oriented conversation drivers.


Involve stakeholders from all levels of the organization starting with the early product development including manufacturer, their agencies and customers.





Social Shops

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Social shop: Made by Many, London


Inspiration, innovation, collaboration—Anjali Ramachandran, Nov. 26 2010, made by many


we are social

Social shop: we are social, London, Paris, Milan, Sydney


Conversations between people are nothing new. In fact, they help define what it means to be human.


It’s no surprise then that we’re spending less of our time consuming broadcast media and more of it having conversations in communities within social media.

The age of deference is over. People are talking about brands at all hours of every day, in countless forms of social media. We increasingly seek out opinions online about products and services before making purchase decisions. These are trusted more than a brand’s own website, and a lot more than advertising. There is a proven link between online conversation and sales.

By helping brands engage in honest and meaningful conversations in social media, we believe they’ll earn the credibility to participate within these communities, gain advocates and increase sales through word of mouth.


excerpt from ‘why we do it’, © 2010, we are social. All rights reserved.



Cocorino in the new world

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Cocorino Gelateria

Cocorino Gelateria. Late last year the Gelateria was still testing the more
than 20 ice creams and sorbets to be made on the premises.

Walk through London’s Marylebone and you may notice a new Italian eatery that is opening with little publicity. Cocorino will sell ice creams and snacks. The focacceria has soup, stuffed focaccia, ciabatta, sourdough, thin Italian wraps (piadina) and hot panini. The gelateria is still testing the more than 20 ice creams and sorbets to be made on the premises. The people behind Cocorino are Linda Yau (sister of Hakkasan founder Alan Yau) and the chef Francesco Mazzei. The address is 18, Thayer Street, W1U 3JY and the phone number will be +44-20- 7935-0810 or you might try which should be back up in a few.—excerpt from Bloomberg, find the article here.


Cocorino. Sunny Marylebone Gelateria, Focacceria.

Cocorino. Sunny Marylebone Gelateria, Focacceria.


This is not about taking an idea, a brand, a concept that is not in the mainstream consciousness and bring it to the mainstream consciousness.

This is about learning how to make a name for something that is in the mainstream consciousness and have it evolve with help of social media and by all readily available means.

Briefing: Create a socially enabled brand building website including e- commerce for both Cocorino businesses on a local budget within 4 weeks or less.


High and dry Dean and Deluca shop

Technical specifications: We are looking at a custom brand site using the exisiting URL to run on a WordPress installation at a WordPress enabled internet provider preferably out of London. A custom child theme based on the Hemmingway theme must be developed on budget. The local budget allows for a custom shop page in conjunction with a WordPress E-Commerce plugin including options to order through Paypal or direct debit.




London Zoo in Regent Park

Closely associate sunny cocorino illustrations with nearby Regent Park Zoo



Ads: Place an ad in the broshure of nearby London Zoo. Promote your daily menu: Have school kids distribute lunch menus at Regent Park Zoo. Have your artist friend illustrate the menus with animals parading from Regent Park to Cocorino. Have animal footprints spray painted in vivid colors illegally on the pavement from the Regent Park exit to Cocorino’s doorsteps. Document all on video and take photos as you will be needing content for your blogging efforts. Enter Twitter and have an employee tweet your daily delicatessen specials. Reward Twitter followers with free gelati and sorbees (see Dean and Deluca tweet below. Reward the people of Marylebone to refuel on their way home after being done shopping in Selfridges with incentives.



Dean and Deluca on Twitter

Tweet incentives

TV documentary: Allow me to try convince a friend of mine to come visit your store and do a documentary of your two businesses as part of his ongoing documentaries of contemporary craftsmanship currently airing on Bavarian television, which I feel has become a close match to the much adored BBC documentaries. You can then most likely make use trailer versions on YouTube and include them with your blog entries. Have a look here at the blog my girlfriend and I initially set up from one day to the other. I will see to it that your logo typeface is to be used as system font readable by search engines. Do let me know what you think. We have great opportunities for school kids to make a run for Cocorino Gelati and get to know Adam Ant who happens to live in the neighborhood. I am also thinking of asking you to get involved with a facebook account so you can post daily delicatessen served fresh via facebook, which will make it easy on you to assign an employee with the task of posting an entry each day. And your facebook friends can now purchase the delicatessen product right on facebook.

footprints of rare bird running of to Cocorino

Rare zoo bird on its way trough Regent Park Zoo to Cocorino



Think again.

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Think Again.

Oren Frank must repeat his success outside his home market.


Double-fisted management in the new world

Only yesterday, I stumbled upon my former company’s new website, and it didn’t take long to recognize that MRM has much matured and has taken a good leap to turn into what I will now gladly add to my list of favorite new agency models.


From what I get from their digital footprint, and this is how we all will come to view and appreciate each other, MRM Worldwide has eventually arrived in the new world.



MRM Worldwide

Light table clarity and editorial design
without sacrifice of demonstrating obligatory corporate strength:
MRM Worldwide's new website design





Long Tail Marketing

Will MRM slow down for long tail marketing? Can they stay always on?
Illustration courtesy of Ana Andjelic

This is great. By taking Oren Frank on board as global chief creative officer, the long needed shift to being transformative is taking place with one of the five largest digital marketing agencies. Something to look forward to for an entire ailing industry.


It’s in the fabric of this elegant and sophisticated credentials site, it’s the story being told with lasersharp focus, which thus far closely reflects the set imperatives of an easy-does-it quintessential process. What a relief in contrast to the former ESSEE process.




Will MRM eventually eat their own cooking and do what they preach? Will McCann’s unkown soldier conquer Europe? Questions that where raised two years ago. I hear Sean Condon say his famous words: “We are getting there”.


I was a member of the Frankfurt management team for a decade, from the very beginning as Thunderhouse through various gernerations of zentropy and through the early stage of MRM emerging. Frankfurt was first to market customer utility™ in a straight forward fashion by building tools for the consumer such as Germany’s leading car configurator for Opel, web services and all kinds of practical mini apps.




I now wish to see MRM become the flagship creative agency for our industry.
A flagship agency for the new world. Returning trust in our communi-
cation industry in a very big way.


Will McCann’s unkown soldier conquer Europe?

Frankfurt not London
As for Europe, it must be MRM Frankfurt not London to take on the role of flagship agency in the new world. With McCann CEO Helmut Sendlmeier’s prince charming, Ruber Iglesias to encourage and enable all to become digital habitants not just digital visitors. Ruber must convince clients to let go of existing non disclosure agreements and agree on some sort of non disclosure to allow for transparency to set in, case studies incl. numbers to be published and development to be discussed openly. Get naked without dropping your pants. Sean Condon has consistently fostered the Frankfurt-Detroit connection from GM BuyPower onward through the majestic GM Northstar project. Frankfurt’s always cool, calm, collected CTO, Frank Ladner has been overseeing the German productions and has made a name for himself with technical development in Detroit as well. It’s certainly not far fetched for Frankfurt to become the technical hub for much of Europes development chores.


The real question is if MRM Worldwide can slow down to master the social aspects of today’s long tail marketing. Can MRM be always on and can they let go of set campaign timelines? Can MRM radically shift their culture to play along with today’s sophisticated consumer? MRM must let go of employees hesitant to embrace the merits of being digital. So does every agency claiming leadership. Mere digital visitors are condemned to playing catch up and be comfortable with mediocracy.


  1. One of a kind. Think of hiring an outlier as culture officer with the aim to make the transformation happen from the inside out -or- appoint a CD you trust and who has the willpower and capabilities to closely follow your lead. The pressure must come from inside.

  3. One Voice. Opt for a unified web presence, the wording must reflect the meaning of the dotcom site, as much as each site must reflect local language customs. Currently the country websites are a far cry from what dotcom has to offer in elegance, sophistication, clarity and ease of being. Kill them, they litter the beauty of a company that has arrived in the new world.

  5. One Truth. Invite, encourage and enable all stakeholder [clientele, agency, collaborators, and customers], even the consumer to actively participate in the development process

  7. One Future. Take your MRM curriculum online alongside MRM Live, replace your defunct MRM Lab with a lab open to all. One that works hard on returning trust to the industry. This is the place for stakeholders to share insights and participate in the development process in an open transparent fashion. Reason to believe in MRM will come from here.
    You may want to appoint a small team of bloggers. Proven and tried believers in being digital.




Defunct MRM Lab
Enable space for stakeholders to participate in the development process.
No corporate ad space here.




Conversations becoming commodity

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to achieve the “greatest good for the greatest number.”


Utilitarian world

Offering utility on the web has become the most thought after marketing solution for brands to become meaningful for people. Amazon offers readers evaluations for buying books online. Apple has recently integrated ping with their iTunes apps so users and manufacturers [bands] can exchange their hitlists and get in touch with one another. Car manufacturers offer car configurators to help sell their models. Facebook offers the ‘Like’ button to help spread the word of ongoing conversations. You know all that.


Facebook "I like"-button


Sociable Utility

Demo of Get code for Facebook "I like" button

Sociable Utility

It seems a given, that companies offering the most popular utility on the web, demonstrates the most marketing muscle. With the social media buzz and conversation taking over the role of advertising, manufacturers now must take on the role of being enablers to help people accomplish whatever they aim to do. It appears logical to help them with communication enablers to keep the conversations going.

  • Brands help communities grow with communication enabling utility
  • Brands use proven and tried communication enabling utilities to invade new communities, thereby expanding the brand reach reach

Reason to believe replace bold messages

In the pre digital era it was a sport amongst ad agencies to craft universally applicable messages to reach the largest number of people with whom the message should ring a bell, be meaningful and utterly relevant to. Today it has become a sport to invent or steal utility to become a commodity for the highest possible number of users. Conversations being the commodity.

  1. Number of followers being the currency for the brand.
  2. A portion of the number of followers will eventually become the currency for leads.

Utility to offer most marketing muscle

By default any utility becoming a commodity for the horizontal market outperforms a utility for any given vertical market by numbers alone. However, for any given marketer or manufacturer the opposite may well offer greater value, since the vertical market is made up of people with an inherent interest in the offerings of the enabler. Your choice. The other good news is that trial and error is not too bad an approach since the digital age on one hand demands immediate action with users demanding utilities which offer immediate results. On the other hand our digital age invites and tolerates development by trial and error as long as it becomes apparent and allows for participation in the process.

  • Explore and expand your brand reach with the usefulness of the utility you invent and offer
  • Continuously keep optimizing your utility or suite of utilites according to how people make use of it
  • Enhance your utility to take on greater roles when it proves successful
  • Can your utility be modified to take on the role of an aggregator?

Assuming success factors

Again a multitude of assumed success factors determine over success or failure. Old fashioned brand truths come to the aid. Know your name, know your brand pillars and ensure a close reflection of brand attributes to come through in the fabric with your choice of utility. They do with the afore mentioned examples. As long as the majority of people have their status determined by how they are being viewed in society, old world image related assumptions hold true and methods to manipulate these image assumptions keep serving brands. Bold messages are replaced with reasons to believe delivered more subtly by utility of immediate value to the population. Every little helps and what helps people helps the marketer create value for the brand. Just think of the lousy little ‘Like’ button and what it did for Facebook and how popular it became with the digital population.

  • Calculate your brand’s historic market reach realistically
  • Expand your brand reach by invading communities with an assumed need for your utility despite no affinity for your product or brand.

Conversations becoming commodity

Today brands are taking on the role of content providers on top of designing, administering and producing their product or lines of products.
They do this not by providing content themselves but by acting as technology providers for enabling conversations throughout the digital age.

  • Craft your utility with care
  1. Does it help the user do what they aim to do?
  2. Does it reflect your brand ambition and truths?
  3. Does it adhere to the 10 social principles?
  4. Can your utility or suite of utilities eventually take on a greater role?


Social networking in plain English

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Social networking in plain English


commoncraft—our product is explanation
Voice-over by Lee LeFever


Social Networking in Plain English



What is LinkedIn?


Twitter in Plain English



Blogs in Plain English



The Milliner

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Dido Victoria Millinery


Dido Victoria Millinery

The accomplished milliner, my older daughter Dido, recently returned from a visit to her sister in Caldwell in the South of England, with the claim for her brand. “Hello Beautiful”.

For profitable distribution of her hood fashion, Dido is inventing ordinary sweat shirt hoods for American Apparel to take on. For soccer fans she designed a three color hood in ‘Schwarz-Rot-Gold” aimed at distribution for the soccer world cup series. With GAP in mind, she is busy designing denim hoods. You get the idea.


Sisters, Caldwell GB

Slow Marketing

You can’t hurry love and Dido is in no great rush for her ideas to take of. Practicing her hipster approach to desktop marketing, she settled on tumblr for being in touch with you fashion people. Occasionally selling a hat, a hood, or accessories to close friends, family or colleagues at the reputable ‘Landestheater Linz’, where she proudly holds a day job iin the city of Linz, Austria where Dido resides in a lovely chamber close to the blue waters of the danube.


Your Father

Julia with her grey croc-print velvet Riding Hood

Julia with her grey croc-print velvet Riding Hood; Linz Alturfahr, moments before the storm broke.


Dido, Saturday, July 4 2010

Dido, Saturday, July 4 2010



The farmers wife

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Elizabethan Days

Elizabeth reads, swims, draws and she now settled on tumblr
quote by Patricia Highsmith


Elizabethan Days

Modern day storytelling is my younger daughters claim, now that she refers to her business as Elizabeth Blue Illustrations. How tell a story about a young woman who seems perfectly happy and together? Where is the conflict? What issues need be resolved?

punk farm

Farmer's wife idea of farming

Pork rocks

Years ago, Elizabeth came up with a sketch of a death head with crossed spade and pitchfork. Last year she married a fine young American, Douglas Courier and became the farmer’s wife. Organic farming is perhaps the most inventive of todays super businesses.

Your Father

Misty Waters.

Misty Waters. In the flesh- or rather, the clay. Heroine of the upcoming comic book, The Micanopy Murders